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Any ideas on how to jazz up Costco salmon burgers?

Got the big bag of costco samon burgers last week. Was planning to grill them but the weather turned bitter here in Pa. so I just baked up a few. People ate them, and said they would gradually help me finish the bag but I was told not to buy any more of them. I think I haven't given the burgers a fair chance. Maybe if the weather lightens up I will try them with lemon pepper sauce on the grill or something. I'm somewhat of a noob at cooking seafood at home anyway, so any ideas would rock!

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  1. We love Costco's salmon burgers. If you like, season with Old Bay seasoning, or just salt and fresh cracked black pepper, a teriyaki glaze, or nothing at all. Broil them or cook them in a hot skillet, just don't over cook them. Use high heat to slightly brown the outside while the inside is still moist.. Serve on a lightly toasted bun with leaf lettuce, tomato, sweet onion and mayo, or tartar sauce, or horseradish/mayo sauce or nothing. Keep trying at least until the bag runs out.

    1. Ditto the teriyaki. I'm partial to Soy Vey or Trader Joe's version of it. Also Trader Joe's wasabi mayo has a nice kick.

      1. This is really more suited to the Home Cooking board, I think. You might get more replies if you repost it there.

        1. Brush some Terriyaki sauce or sprinkle some paprika or Old Bay will make them less bland.

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            Call me fussy, but I think Teriyaki Sauce just has no place with salmon. The flavours would certainly clash...

          2. I think it is unanimous - the answer it teriyaki. I make salmon burgers all the time on my grill pan and then slather on any kind of teriyaki sauce. Great result for the effort. Even better with a slice of grilled pineapple.

            1. Maple syrup and some sriracha. I also put in my salmon marinade, worch, soya, galic and bbq seasoning.


              1. Chipotle mayo and lots of ripe avocado.

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                  Mmmmm hadn't thought about avocado. Thanks for all the great suggestions! My salmon burgers have stayed in the freezer so far, but it is supposed to be warmer here in Pa. tomorrow so maybe I'll fire up the grill.

                2. Pan sear them, for a few minutes on each side, don't bake them.....

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                    Thanks galleygirl! Doubt I'll get the grill fired up any time soon.

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                      Treat them like any fish; done on the outside, and aim for transparent on the inside!

                  2. Finally it was warm enough to grill in Penna today! The salmon burgers are so much better grilled. Thanks everyone for the tips!

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                      to everyone with the good suggestions: aren't you supposed to cook them frozen? so how do you season or put the teryiaki glaze on??

                      just curious
                      thanks so much

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                        It has been a while since you asked. Yes, I cook the salmon burgers frozen. If I want to add a dry seasoning, I will rinse them lightly with water and dry with paper towels. This will slightly defrost the surface and allow the dry seasoning to adhere to the surface. Then grille as normal. For the teriyaki glaze, cook frozen,then a couple of minutes before they are finished, baste, turn, and baste again. Repeat until you are happy. This may take a couple of tries to perfect.. Good luck.

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                          Thank you. i know they don't take long to cook, even from frozen, that i'll have to be quick!!

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                            Woot! Finally warming up in PA enough for more experimentation! Thanks again for all the tips and suggestions!

                      2. 4 salmon burgers, broken into bite size pieces
                        1 can coconut milk
                        1 container fresh spinach
                        1 T Maesri Karee Curry Paste (Thai masaman Yellow Curry Paste)

                        Heat coconut milk and add the rest. Simmer until spinach is wilted and salmon is done.
                        Hubby loves it!

                        1. I start out by carmelizing onions in a pan, then I add mushrooms. I remove veggies and grill salmon burgers in pan halfway through add veggies back in, then I add some goat cheese and simmer for a few, can serve over noodles or rice. Freaking awesome!

                          1. Actually, mango goes nicely with salmon. So does rosemary.