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Looking for meyer lemon source

Where and when are they available in the Boston area, if at all? I've never tried them and would like to, because I love the TJ's ML cake mix. I'm nearer to Lowell than Boston, so northern or western 'burbs are preferable, if possible. Alternatively, any recs for online ordering? TIA

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  1. I'm quite sure I saw them at Russos in Watertown.

    1. Got them last weekend at Savenors in Cambridge

      1. Whole Foods has had them for a couple of weeks now (maybe longer, but at least that long).

        1. i just bought them at trader joes.

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          1. I just saw really nice ones at Wilson Farms in Lexington this afternoon.

            1. Formaggio in Cambridge had them this evening.

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                bought them at russos yesterday along with buddha's hand whose lemon rind i love

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                  Buddha's hand has to be the most interestingly shaped fruit I've seen to date. IIRC, it's mostly used for candied fruit, right?

              2. I just bought some at the Whole Foods store in Bedford on the Great Road. While Whole Foods usually carries the smaller variety, currently they have the larger ones, which seem to come only from California, and which I prize for the astonishingly large quantity of delectably sweet lemon juice they contain. (As you can tell, I am a VERY big Meyer lemon fan!)

                I have also seen them recently at Trader Joe's in plastic-wrapped 4-packs. Their Meyer lemons are currently not as large as the ones at Whole Foods, but they are also very good. I don't know if there is a Trader Joe's in Lowell, but there is one in Burlington.

                1. Thanks to all - I braved the crush at Wilson Farm today, and got 8 of them, which is more than I'll need for a Meyer lemon variant of Nigella Lawson's Clementine Cake. I've never used them before but since I love Trader Joe's Meyer Lemon Cake Mix (BTW, Burlingon TJ's didn't have the lemons), I have high hopes for them. Will freeze the extra juice and zest.