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Nov 24, 2008 10:20 AM

Volunteering on Thanksgiving

Could anyone recommend a homeless shelter in the Cambridge / Somerville / Watertown / Arlington area where I could volunteer to help cook or serve -- usefully -- on Thanksgiving Day? I know that a few places tend to be well-staffed already, and would like to help where help is really needed.

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  1. There are some openings at NE Shelter for Homeless Vets..on Court St...and Pine St Inn.

    Best way is to contact which organizes them. You could also try St Francis House.Boylston..617 542 4211

    I don't have any info on shelters outside of downtown.

    1. Little Brothers/Friends of the Elderly does home visits, where you take a full meal, which they've cooked, to a home-bound elder. Believe me, these people are about a good, strong wind away from being homeless. They also need people to cook and dish up the meals, day of the event, at Northeastern....

      1. Tavern on the Square ( Central) in Cambridge is hosting a free meal for those in need from 11-2 PM. Thanks, inquiries go to Mark Morris. Well done Mark. Bless you.


        1. Check , put in your zip code, sort by distance.