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Nov 24, 2008 10:08 AM

east brunswick for christening

anyone know of a good place for about 50-60 people in the eb area...steak, seafood, italian etc.

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  1. in South River there is Ria Mar. East Brunswick, I can't really think of much for that many people.

      1. Not a paragon of culinary excellence, but The Chateau (on Cranbury Road) has been good enough for some of my larger family gatherings, like engagements, anniversaries, and after funerals. Nothing fancy, but then nothing "too fancy" for the older and younger family members. If you're willing to go to Somerset/Middlebush, O'Connors on Hamilton St worked out well for my mother's 80th birthday last year - catered buffet was better than the restaurant.

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          Good to know on O'Connors buffet! Going there with the inlaws for Thanksgiving 'buffet'...I've dined there in the restaurant, and it was good, so wasn't TOO scared.

        2. Covino's on rte 130 in North Brunswick opens Saturdate and Sunday afternoon for private parties.