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Nov 24, 2008 09:21 AM

Bumped from Ten Tables

My wife and I just moved to JP and for her birthday we decided that we wanted to try Ten Tables and I made a Saturday 8 pm reservation weeks in advance. At 5 pm on the day of the reservation they call me up telling me that they had "overbooked" after much yelling they admitted that they were really bumping us for a larger group. Needless to say I was pretty steamed ... has anyone else had this happen to them here recently ?

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  1. No! I've eaten there twice in the past few months, both times with reservations. I do generally find that they run late and you are forced to wait 15-20 minutes for your table. I also always manage to eat there on a really cold or wet night, so the 15-20 minutes seems even longer since it's outside. But this, this is something else entirely. This is the type of hi-jinx that gets chow folk fired up, as I find myself right now on your behalf. I'm trying to think of some sort of acceptable way to make this change, and I simply can't-- especially at 5pm Sat when it was likely too late to get another good reservation. Inexcusable!

    1. Not to call bs on you, manish, but that seems so out of character for the place so as to be hard to believe. I can't imagine a circumstance where that would happen - was there any effort to ameliorate the situation? Was the larger group like a bunch of Hollywood types or something? I just feel like we're not getting the entire story.

      1. This is completely out of character for TT. I, too, have occassionally had to wait 15 - 20 minutes for my reserved table - although they have always offered up the basement area as a place to escape from drastic weather, but never, never had a similar issue to what you describe.

        1. On the contrary, I find this easy to believe - my experience was not nearly as bad, but was indicative of an attitude that could result in the OP's experience. My first visit had a wait and somewhat detached service, but wasn't too bad. My second (and last) visit, we waited 30 minutes in the rain with no offer to wait downstairs, and not even an apology or "thank you for waiting." A large group, that seemed more familiar to the staff (perhaps my imagination?), received much better treatment from seating through check.

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            Both waits were with a reservation?

            1. re: Dax

              Yes - I felt they should have allowed a little more time between seatings. We have also had people waiting for our table by the time we finished, which can be a little uncomfortable even though it's not our fault we started 30 minutes late.

          2. Ugh. I haven't been to TT because JP is a long haul for me, but it's on my "to try" list because from all accounts it seemed like the perfect little restaurant. Now I doubt I'll ever try it. I can't believe they weren't bending over to compensate you with a free meal at another time or something; although, I guess it was greed that spurred them to bump you in the first place. Way to ruin a birthday, Ten Tables.

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              Why give up on a place after just one negative story? I don't doubt the initial story, but we certainly don't know what was going on at the Ten Tables end. Regrettable? Yes. Enough to overcome the good reviews so many others have posted? Not really.

              1. re: hckybg

                I did say I doubt I'll ever try it, leaving room for reconsideration since the poster hasn't posted before and we don't know the whole story. If it is true, though, that they cancelled a Saturday night reservation with three hours notice because they were making room for someone else, that's unacceptable, and I'd never support a business that treated its customers so shabbily.