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Nov 24, 2008 09:02 AM

Cookbook for the short on time in the galley kitchen

My brother is in a new apartment with a very small galley kitchen. He's a good cook and I want to get him a cookbook for Christmas. I was thinking the Joy of Cooking but want something that's alittle more "user friendly" for such a small kitchen and for meals that are quick, tasty and filling. Any recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. It would be helpful to know a little bit more about things he likes to eat/make - or if he's interested in just throwing together a great dish, or he's interested in learning more about cooking techniques.


    My first thought would be anything by Giada De Laurentiis. I really like her recipes - they are reliable, generally do not require a lot of different tools, and are tasty and simple to prepare. Plus the books are big enough to be able to see the entire recipe on one page, but thin enough to be able to store in a drawer, on a microwave, or in any other small cubbie in a galley kitchen..

    Plus, the menfolk tend to really like her for some reason. :-)

    Also, Rachel Ray's books tend to follow those same lines as well. Personally, I can't stand her TV persona ("YUM-OH" and "EVOO" make me want to gag), but her recipes are - dare I say this - generally quite good. I was given one of her books as a white elephant gift one year and tried a few of the recipes and got some great ideas for other dishes as well.

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      He's a good eater. i'm looking for something that does small portions since he's cooking for himself and that can be prepared in a reasonable amount of time.

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        Hmm...I can't really recommend any one or two serving cookbooks because I didn't even buy those when I was single and living alone. If I were you, I'd hit a bookstore and check out some of the Rachel Ray books - only because they are 30-minute meals and I can honestly say they tend to be fairly simple and pretty tasty. Plus, she has so many of them by now that there has to be a one or two-serving size book in her library.

    2. Take a look at "The Minimalist Cooks Dinner" by Mark Bittman. The subtitle is "More than 100 Recipes for Fast Weeknight Meals and Casual Entertaining." Very few of the recipes have more than 6 or seven ingredients. The majority of the dishes take 30 minutes or less to prepare. And there's a lot of variety. I've made perhaps half a dozen recipes from the book and all were well written so definitely "user friendly" and all have been quite tasty. I would guess the majority of the recipes make four servings, but they're easily cut in half.

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        And in the same vein, consider "The Minimalist Cooks at Home", subtitled "Recipes that Give you More Flavor from Fewer Ingredients in Less Time". Love this book, all the recipes are easy, and Bittman offers variations for most of them.