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Nov 24, 2008 09:01 AM

drinks/bites near 1901 vine: thomas keller tonight!

philly transplant seeking recommendations for before/after the thomas keller/michael ruhlman 'sous vide' reading tonight at the free library. SO EXCITED, but imagine the food talk will leave us starving...

any recommendations in the area qould be appreciated, as we will be parking at 23rd and would love something on foot, if possible.

not really interested in waterworks, something lower key? but any recs would be a blessing as right now we are debating tgi fridays (without your help we may just be forced to drown our sorrows).

also love to know if any other philly chow-ers are going!

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  1. That area is tough for restaurants... are you parking on 23rd south of Expressway or north of Spring Garden?

    Kite & Key is a newish bar/restaurant around the corner from the library at 19th and Callowhill, but I haven't been, maybe someone can chime in with their experience?

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    1. There's a new Indian restaurant in that area, King of Tandoor, at 18th and Callowhill. I was there in the first few days they were open and it was OK, no Tiffin but not bad. Others who have been more recently report much better experiences.

      The second location of Sabrina's Cafe is on the same block.

      You'll also be fairly close to Rembrandt's, the Bishop's Collar, London Grill, and Figs. I haven't been to any of them in a long time but they all beat TGI Fridays.

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        i got takeout from king of tandoor last week and it was GREAT. a mix of flavors that just hit the spot. actually buckethead - compare KOT to tiffin recently - i'd give first place to the former. tiffin's gotten a little bland for me.

        it's also a bit of a hike, but my favorite meal in that neighborhood is a thai BYO called trio at ?26th and brown?

        kite and key has some decent options, too.

          1. re: Buckethead

            We went to king of tandoor and really enjoyed it. Food was like an 8, service a 7 (a bit pushy) and all-in-all good value. Thanks for the rec!

            We were planning to do sabrina's but failed to note it was closed. I went for brunch last week and enjoyed it thoroughly though my boyfriend found his pancakes mediocre. He's tough to please, though, so it was taken in stride.

            Didn't really enjoy their coffee...odd b/c i've heard best coffee anywhere is affilited w/italian mkt. Nevertheless, thank you for the recs!

          2. I am going too! but i am eating before hand in rittenhouse square (on the way over for me). For yourself, maybe try the new tiedhouse near 20th and Hamilton. They have great beer (an offshoot of the general lafayette brew pub) and pretty good food (fresh, reasonably priced, somewhat creative), and a nice casual atmosphere....
            2001 Hamilton Street
            Philadelphia, PA 19130
            Phone: (215) 561-1002

            or else, suck it up and walk into center city afterwards to a place like tinto (20th and samson) or matyson (19th and chestnut) and have caprigio gelato afterwards or whatever... those places (and many other options) however, are about 7 or 8 long blocks from the event at the free library.... good luck...

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            1. re: jonnyblueshoes

              thanks! we'll probably try a spot up there near the library since we ultimately have to come back to rittenhouse area (i live a few blocks south of the square)

              as long as we're at this, any ideas for other ways to locate good spots by location in philly? im a chicago transplant and used a combo of my own familarity with the city (of chicago) + board postings + walking the hoods to find places there,

              but i dont know philly well enough to feel extremely confident walk-touring...any other sites you guys would refer me to?

              1. re: kathleen rose

                The Rose Tattoo is also nearby the Library.

                One technique that I use for finding restaurants is go to google maps and type in the address you are going to. you will get an interactive map that will allow you to "search nearby" type in "restaurant" in the search box, you can then look through the places that pop up and narrow down your search using Chowhound or zagat. You can also look up restaurants in to see if they have been reviewed there. Another philadelphia foodie site is foobooz.

                1. re: rocknroll52

                  yep, i do that too. and yelp. there's a built-in map there, however i'm less apt to trust food recs as they come from everywhere/everyone, not self-proclaimed foodies like this board. :)