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Nov 24, 2008 08:25 AM

Where to buy sweetbreads

I'm sort of turning into the offal girl.

Has anyone seen sweetbreads around Boston recently? In the past, I've found them at Whole Foods. But I've asked a handful of WF's meat departments about availability only to receive the answer of, "Let me transfer you to the bakery."


Holler back if you know of a place that has them in stock now! I think it's a little too late to special-order them, and, with any luck, my Thanksgiving paté is going into production tomorrow. Grazie!

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  1. The Butcher Shop (South End) has beautiful veal sweetbreads.

    Even if you don't see them out in the case, ask the butcher -- they usually have them downstairs.

    I had veal sweetbreads (in a morel mushroom cream sauce) at La Voile this weekend, and they were incredibly tender and delicious, so I've been thinking of cooking them up myself. Good luck!

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      I've had that dish too. Great dish!

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        Forgot to mention I saw some veal sweetbreads at Savenor's last week.

        I've bought them at Sulmona in the NE; but not sure if it's a regular item.

    2. I used to get sweetbreads from the Super walmarts in either Salem NH or Amherst NH, i do not know if it were veal or cow or pork sweetbreads, I just enjoy them fried.

      1. dewars in newton. they will get them for you if they do not have it in stock.
        dredged in flour pan fried with cream tarragon sauce. Delicious

        1. I actually saw them at Market Basket (of all places) recently. Savenor's would certainly have them too.

          1. Awesome, thanks! My husband reminded me that we bought them once at the Alewife WF's, in case anyone else is looking.

            I just spoke with Savenor's and they're selling them for $10/lb. And of course! The Butcher Shop!

            I'm intrigued by this Market Basket reference... which Market Basket?

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              It was in Nashua. I was surprised to see them, but hey still there. I didn't try them, so I'm not sure about the quality. Plus, I wouldn't be one to judge the quality.