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Nov 24, 2008 08:13 AM

Help -- need peanut butter cream pie for Turkey Day

I am in charge of dessert and was busy hyping Sweet Mandy B's peanut butter cream pie this past week, only to learn today that they have a very limited menu this week and are only making four types of pies (none of which include peanut butter or chocolate cream pie).

So, any thoughts on where I can get the best peanut butter cream pie this week? (I know Joe's Steak & Seafood has slices of peanut butter cream pie on their dessert menu, so I guess I can call them as a backup to see if they can make a whole pie).


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  1. Dikta's (I know Oakbrook has it; not sure about downtown.)

    1. I actually was the opening pastry chef at Sweet Mandy B's, and I can tell you that that pie has 4, yes 4, ingredients in it. I don't remember it off the top of my head, but it was a traditional American recipe that is basically cream cheese, peanut butter, powdered sugar, and has a little whipping cream added to loosen up that mixture. You schmear that into the graham cracker crust and top w whipped cream. Here is a version w Dream Whip from All recipes
      Trust me, you could make it in 5 minutes!! You can do it!! I wish I lived closer than LA or I'd make it for you.

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        Thanks for the recipe -- or maybe not. Sounds like it is quite easy, almost too easy to make. Just when I thought I was through the Thanksgiving eating binge, maybe there is more too come.

        I ended up getting a pie from Joe's Steak and Seafood, which was great. Sounds like I could have done it my self though.

      2. sorry only just saw your topic. Bobtail Ice Cream in Lakeview has homemade ice creams inc peanut butter with choc chips