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Nov 24, 2008 07:45 AM

lunch in soho, or around 5th avenue north of Macy's

I will be going to NYC in 2 weeks and would like some options for a nice affordable lunch around 5th Avenue's shopping district/Central Park, or in SOHO. A soup and sandwich place would be great! Any suggestions?

Also, for dinner we are deciding between Carmine's, Trattoria Trecolori, and Virgil's BBQ - what do you think is best?


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  1. I've haven't been to lunch at the following but their dinners are good: Mexican Radio has very good Mexican food in a fun atmosphere. 8 Mile Creek is an Australian bar/restaurant with good food but a bit of a limited dinner menu (not sure what the luncheon menu is like; technically about 1 block East of Soho on Mulberry in NoLiTa). A place where you can't go wrong is Fanelli's (great burgers and fried):

    Fanelli Cafe
    94 Prince St, New York, NY 10012

    1. Where did you end up going?