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Nov 24, 2008 06:58 AM

Apple Pie Question

I am going to make an apple pie on Tuesday night to bring to Thanksgiving on Thursday. Will it last? Do I keep it at room temp or in the fridge?

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  1. Yes...i think it may actualy be better after a couple of days, my last one was. Store it in the fridge, but let it come to room temp before serving.

    1. Keep it at room temperature. Once it has cooled, cover it with foil. It will keep fine for Thanksgiving.

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        Thank you both your responses were helpful

      2. My secret weapon for apple pie that keeps for days -- before filling the pie, melt some white chocolate and a little butter in a bowl. Brush it on the bottom crust to form a thin coat. Pop crust in fridge for a few minutes to harden. Fill pie, bake.

        Your bottom crust will not get soggy, even after 3-4 days.

        1. Do not refrigerate. Do not cover with foil. Both will encourage sogginess in the crust.

          Just posted about this on another thread:

          1. Do not refrigerate pie or you will end up with a soggy crust. Store at room temp and cover it very loosely (I usually put a paper towel over mine). That's it.

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              I'm surprised I'm the only one who refrigerates apple pie. I'm not sure exactly why, but the thought of leaving cooked fruit out at room temp bugs me. I'm sure you're right about the crust though...I always leave my cakes at room temp.

              I'll have to think about this one.

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                I think it depends where you live and the temperature in your kitchen. We're in Chicago and my kitchen temperature (when the oven is not on) ranges between about 68 in the day and 60 at night. If I lived in a warm,humid climate, I might be inclined to refrigerate the pie. Same if I lived in an apartment in a big city, where roaches might be an issue. Otherwise, keep at room temperature. (And, although there is debate on among the posters, I think that so long as you let the pie cool completely first, so that it will not be emitting steam, it's ok to cover with foil.)

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                  Thank you masha. I am in NYC where it is anything but warm right now. I will leave it on the counter tonight and bring it with me on Thursday. Thank you for the foil tip.

                2. re: danna

                  I refrigerate my pie. I just like cold apple pie, even if the crust gets a little soggy. And I keep my cakes at room temp, too.

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                    I talked to a bakery and I guess it is that if the pie is an apple crumb, keep it in the fridge, if it has a pie crust on top, keep it out of the fridge. I put it in the fridge...we will see how it is tomorrow. Thank you everyone.