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Nov 24, 2008 05:57 AM

Packaging cookies

Ever since high school, my friend and I have been making cookies for all our local friends for Christmas. We typically make 10 different types of cookies over a two day period. The most difficult part has always been figuring out a way to package them and I was hoping you guys would have recommendations.

In the past, we've used:
- Tin buckets that we decorated
- Cardboard boxes (Not shipping boxes, but like the ones you get when you buy a sweater at Macy's)
- Chinese steamer baskets (the bamboo ones you get a dim sum places. These, by the way, were the best so far. You can stack the cookies three or four high in a basket and then add another basket on top, And when you're done, you have the cap that goes on top of the stack of steamer basket.)
- Festive plates (this was the worst idea, since they tend to slide, despite the entire thing being wrapped in colored cellophane)

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  1. I agree, cookie plates aren't easy to transport... I typically use tins, the round ones with festive patterns...I pick them up at my local grocery store, they usually come in three sizes that nest inside each other when empty and look pretty stacked and tied with ribbon. If I were to go less expensive I'd use the Wilton "window" boxes that are cardboard with clear cellophane on top - I saw the Wilton boxes at Winners/Homesense recently for about 20% less than they go for at craft stores.


    1. I get Christmas boxes and/or tins from the dollar store. They have sturdy cardboard Christmas theme boxes with a lid. I line them with wax paper.

      1. The most important thing about packaging cookies is keeping each kind separate from the others. If you don't, they all end up with the same texture and flavor. My cousin used to give us the most beautiful plates of holiday cookies...unfortunately she packaged them together and they always tasted terrible. We would toss them out...but never had the heart to tell her!

        1. I have used Chinese takeout containers that have worked great (an idea from Ina Garten). Do you have a Container Store near you? I'm sure you can find something there.

          I know Ina also likes to give them in these bags -

          1. I bought little waxed brown paper bags with a cellophane window and tie like a coffee bag. They are cheap in bulk and easy to label or decorate. A dozen small cookies fit in each. Then I slipped some into a gift bag (I was giving two per person).

            What about little wooden 'hat box' shaped boxes. They should be at Michael's.

            Clear or fancy cellophane bags and tie with a ribbon. Or fold closed and use a pretty sticky label.

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              I once got cookies packaged in a large mason jar tied with a holiday plaid ribbon and thought that it was a really cute idea.

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                The mason jar sounds really nice! how'd they seperate the different cookies? a piece of wax paper?

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                  I've done brownies in a square jar that I got at Target for $4- it had a stainless steel lid and I had two kinds and layered them every other one, but put a square of parchment in between- it looked pretty when I was done. I've also done wine bottle boxes and stacked cookies in those.