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Nov 24, 2008 05:04 AM

Chinese BBQ Duck Chinatown?

I don't have time to drive up to Scarborough or Markham to get my duck. I used to get my duck from Hong Fatt BBQ but haven't been in a long time. Does anyone know if it's any good anymore? Or does anyone have a place they get duck from downtown?


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  1. I get my duck from either Kom Jug Yuen, which is the tastiest, or Happy Meat Market which is a bit cheaper ($15)

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    1. re: Everythingtarian

      Second the nom for Kom Jug, it's wonderful. For $4.99 you get a big take out container full of rice with lots of chopped up duck and sauce. Bargain!

    2. I get duck from King noodle and BBQ Pork from the Jug.. (King Noodles BBQ pork is good too; less sweet and more traditional)

      1. Hong Fatt tastes the same as it always has to me. But it all depends on how long they've been drying out in the window.

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        1. re: Dimbulb

          thanks for the quick reply. I went to Kom Jug Yuen as I was closer to College and rain/sleet was soaking me. The duck was good, $18 for a whole. Thanks chowhounds. i will try the Happy meat Market and King Noodle another time.