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Nov 24, 2008 03:22 AM

Melbourne: Pop's Casbah = Matt's Casbah?

Hello there,

As a kid I was taken to Pop's Casbah a few times over in our Historic district. I have memories of excellent homestyle foods and a nice, dark atmosphere. I see it's been re-done in some fancy looking digs and bought by Matt of Matt's Tropical Grill (snobby waiters and bad food).. anyone been over there yet? Worth it?

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  1. My husband and I had dinner at Matt's about a week ago and I think Chef Matt's innovative, sophisticated contemporary cuisine is unlike anything else served in Brevard County. I loved the Grilled Shrimp with minted tamarind garlic sauce and my husband had the fresh whole fish ... he cleaned his plate! The warm nutted goat cheese salad is to die for ... still one of my favorite appetizers!! I think Melbourne needed a place like this!! The wait staff has never been snobby to us and we were regulars at Matt's Tropical Grill too ... maybe you just were exposed to someone having an off day...? So to answer your question YES it's well worth it!! Be sure to order the goat cheese salad!!

    1. I have to say the opening of Matt's has been very warm and inviting. I have been many time and every occasion was great. This is a wonderful addition to the historical downtown Melbourne area.

      1. Yep,Pops was a longtime diner,serving country style/diner food in old downtoen Melbourne.

        Matt's moved from their beachside restaurant,which had always been a somewhat higher end fusion restaurant that enjoyed a a pretty good following with their regulars.

        The old and the new are at different ends of the food spectrum,so would be hard to compare


        1. In my younger days, I use to frequent Pops. I especially liked the staff giving the menu by memory. My favorite was the peanut-butter pie. Yum. Whenever I am in town, I use to like to stop by.