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Gran Gusto-never again

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Went to Gran Gusto sat night with my husband and daughter and did not make a reservation. Called the night before and got no answer but decided to go anyway.
The host asked if we had a reservation and when we said no he turned to us with a disgusted look and said "this is saturday night you know". It was 5:15 completely empty and you would have thought they would have been glad for the business. Stayed only because we had a gift certificate. Had the homemade pasta with lobster which had one (1) piece of claw meat in the middle of the dish.What happened to the rest of the lobster ??
Oh well we learn by our mistakes and that mistake we won't make again.

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  1. Did all three of you share that one dish?

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      My husband had the veal and my daughter had the crispy eggplan lasagna which they said were good.
      It was the attitude that bothered me most of all