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Nov 24, 2008 01:59 AM

Where does one buy little individual butter packets?

Where can one buy little butter packets that are foil-wrapped individualized tablespoons of butter that you get at restaurants? I don't want to go to a food supplier as it's just for a potluck. Somewhere accessible in a nation-wide grocery, preferably in Orange County. And I don't have membership to Cosco's or Sam's Club.

Would Whole Foods have it? Bristol farms? Smart and Final? Has anyone seen it anywhere?

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  1. maybe you could buy a bunch of them off the salad bar at one of the big grocery stores? if you have a restuarant where you are a regular, they may sell you some if you ask. i have relationship like that with a nearby restaurant for puff pastry when i need it.

    1. You should give Surfas in Culver City a call and see if they have it. I would also check with Smart & Final.

      Surfas Inc
      8777 Washington Blvd
      Culver City, CA 90232
      (310) 287-2375

      1. Smart & Final or any Cash & Carry Restaurant Food Supply Place.

        1. I've seen them sold at the Lee's Sandwiches locations in the refridgerated section. Look up their website for the location nearest you.

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            Thanks guys. I'll check out Smart and Final and Lee's Sandwiches tomorrow morning.