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Nov 24, 2008 01:41 AM

New Rye on the Market

Anybody tried Ri? (Long Vowel symbol over the "i")

Quite good, IMHO, but 6 year Sazerac and Wild Tuurkey 101 Rye are better and cheaper.

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  1. No, but it looks to me like a marketing gimmick to try to get young folks to order it in bars... From what I've read, it's very smooth and easy drinking. Those are not qualities that I look for in a rye!

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    1. There was a short thread on this last month as well:

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      1. re: sku

        It is smooth, but doesn't have a very distinctive taste to it. Mostly just a fancy bottle. I'll take the plain old Jim Beam rye over this any day.

      2. Good review here:

        Saw it in the liquor store today for $48. I picked up a bottle of Old Overholt ($11) instead.

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          1. re: zin1953

            As I posted in a comment to the review that Slim listed- I can only hope that the one positive thing that a product of this type and placement can do is bring a few more ryes onto shelves where they hadn't been before. I do know though that in the Boston area, it has been hard for stores that want to carry rye to get a handhold onto what seems like a limited supply.

            That said, for the average $50 price point on this new product- it had better knock my backside around a bit to justify the cost! While the above review at DrinkBoston is pretty favorable, we also have this gem:


            1. re: Scortch

              At that price tag, I'd like to know what Jim Beam THINKS justifies the cost of (ri) . . . versus, say, Jim Beam Rye ($16.99 per 750ml).

              >>> I do know though that in the Boston area, it has been hard for stores that want to carry rye to get a handhold onto what seems like a limited supply. <<<

              Do you mean ANY rye whiskey, or specifically (ri)? It doesn't seem hard to get rye whiskey here in California . . .

              The ubiquitous (at last here in California) retailer, "Beverages, and more!" (aka "BevMo") stocks the following Ryes, at a minimum:

              Black Maple Hill 23-year Old Rye - $109.99
              Jim Beam Rye - $16.99
              Michter's "Small Batch" Rye - $43.99
              Old Overholt Rye - $14.99
              Pikesville Rye - $12.99
              Rittenhouse 100º Rye - $19.99
              Rittenhouse 23-Year Old Rye - $159.99
              Vintage Rye, 21 Years Old - $95.99
              Vintage Rye, 23 Years Old - $109.99
              Wild Turkey 101º Rye - $21.99
              Wild Turkey "Russell's Reserve" 90º Rye - $24.99

              All prices are their "regular," non-sale prices; all prices are for 750ml bottles. Certain individual stores may carry additional whiskies not listed here. And, of course, "speciality" retailers such as D&M or K&L may carry an even greater selection.

              I wonder . . .

              1. re: zin1953

                What I mean by hard to get is not that you can't find rye in the Boston area, just that it tends to be carried by mostly the biggest retailers (who also, no coincidence, have a hand in distribution). A lot of smaller owners I've talked to say that they want to carry ryes, or a more extensive selection than Overholt or Beam, but the biggies seem to have hogged it all. I'm not sure what the full politics are of the situation, but the impression that I get is that there is certainly room for more inventory to make its way into the area.