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Nov 24, 2008 12:27 AM

Foe Bistro Branford, CT

My wife and I went to Foe in Branford, Ct last night for my 33rd birthday and I can only say I am sorry I waited so long to go to this great restaurant. We arrived one hour early to have a drink at the bar and were greeted by a friendly and helpful bartender. After a nice glass of old vine zinfandel we moved on to dinner.

We were offered a table off of the bar in front of the fireplace or in the main dining room by the large windows overlooking Main Street. We chose the window seats and were brought warm bread with honey butter and roasted garlic, a great start. For appetizers, we chose fried lobster raviolis with a zucchini topping and homemade sausage patty topped with roasted reds and 100 yr balsamic. Neither dissapointed, but I was partial to the sausage.

For our main meals, I chose the roasted duck over chourico risotto cooked to medium perfection and the wife had pumkin encrusted cod over quinoa. We finished dinner with a split carrot cake that I would rate average. We were then offered by the co-owner complimentary glasses of port wine which we accepted. I thought that this was a nice touch to a great evening and certainly not something that any chain restaurant or most private restaurants do with any frequency.

We certainly will be adding Foe to our list of restaurants that we frequent, not only because the food was superb, but because of the way we were treated. Most restaurants take their customers for granted, often forgetting that I can spend my money somewhere else. Not so at Foe.

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  1. Jakeith
    I'm glad you enjoyed Foe. It has been a favorite of ours since it opened (at the old location!) and is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated restaurants in the area. The food is unfailingly well prepared and beautifully presented, and the chef/owner - "Foe" (Alphonso!) - could not be nicer.
    Definitely one of the best price to quality ratios around...

    1. I haven't been since it moved but the old place had good food. There is an Irish bar /rest. at the old location now.

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      1. re: shoreline

        We actually returned to Foe this past Saturday night. This was our second visit to the new location and there is no question that in spite of the far larger capacity, the quality of the food and service remains very high. We both had caesar salads (that we have always loved there - a somewhat unconventional "creaminess" to the dressing) and my wife had the seafood succotash - always a mainstay to the menu and absolutely delicious. I had the monkfish and, again, it was beautifully prepared and presented.
        While the wine list is quite short, it is well chosen and very well priced. Where triple retail (or more!) seems to be the norm at most restaurants these days, the wine mark ups here seem to range from 1 1/2 to 2 times store prices.
        My wife loves carrot cake, and Foe has always had a wonderful version, and again, it was as good as ever.

      2. I love FOE. We used to go to the old location - I like the new location much better and I think the food is better now. My daughter and I like to sit in the bar area for wine and appetizers. I love their pizza of the day. I often have the gilled asparagus salad. I haven't been disappointed with any of the choices we've had.

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        1. re: Shoreliner

          Foe is a good steady choice, although I enjoyed the old location more than the new. I have bad memories of previous restaurants in that space. But the staff is very friendly and helpful. The food is very good,,I love the chicken and usually I never order chicken out. I recommend it without much hesitation.