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Nov 23, 2008 11:59 PM

Dining in Phuket and cookery course

I am going to be in Phuket over Christmas and New Year and I am looking for restaurant recommendations please. We are staying at Indigo Pearl, which is the north of the island, but don’t mind travelling to find the best restaurants that Phuket has to offer. We like all styles of food so feel free to recommend different styles of food. We would like something special for Christmas day and New Years eve. Are the restaurants at the high end hotels such as the Amanpuri and the Trisara any good? So far I have made a reservation at Baan Rim Pa and I’m looking around for others.

I’m also considering a short cookery course whilst we are there and visiting some food markets if anyone has any recommendations?

Many thanks

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  1. Actually, I just got back from Phuket--and stayed at the Indigo Pearl--yesterday.

    The hotel has a cooking course on-site which may be the easiest option for you.

    As for food, lunches you can do on the beach, but skip the touristy bars in front of the hotel and walk towards the northern end of the beach....there are a bunch of beach huts that cater to locals and you can get grilled chicken/fish, and some tasty thai salads for dirt cheap.

    One of the great restaurant finds on this trip was Laem Hin Seafood--the hotel will be able to get you in a cab to the restaurants. The restaurant is open air and right on the water. The entire place was full of locals. The seafood was fresh, and wonderful, at about 1/3 of the price you would pay in Patong. I had a soft shell crab dish and grilled tiger prawns that were outstanding. Also, their dried anchovy salad, and banana flower salad were great.

    1. when i used to go diving in phuket we would take one day and go fishing for sailfish and bonito. we would take the fish back to our bungalo complex on kata noi , and for $10 the chef would show us how cook real thai food . one of the best experiences of my life. fresh fish, cold elephant beer ,mei kong whiskey.... god , i miss that place!