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where do you buy duck fat?

i'm guessing surfas is one place, but is there anywhere else (westside/south bay adjacent) that carries decent, cheap duck fat?
i'm guessing i don't need anything super high grade because i'm just starting to cook with it; if anyone has suggestions on what brand/type/etc. let me know!
any suggestions would be helpful.

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  1. http://www.dartagnan.com/search.asp?c...

    Don't know where in LA, but a good brand, available mail order, and several places here in the Boston area.

    1. Surfas has it in the freezer compartment. I don't know if it's cheap, but it's available.

      1. Try Chinese markets, as they have lots of otherwise unobtainable stuff.

        1. Bristol Farms stores have the d'Artagnan stuff in the freezer case. It's kind of expensive, but decent in quality. Of course, the first time you roast a duck, you will have more than you know what to do with...

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            I've seen it at some whole foods.

          2. I've seen it in Whole Foods stores in the cheese area, I believe, don't remember the price.

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              i tried at whole food's and Bristol Farms on Sunset and Fairfax, but no luck. I had to go to Nichole in South Pas, though I believe Surfa's has it as well.

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                Yeah, Whole Foods sells rendered duck fat, but it's pretty expensive.

              2. Nichole in South Pas has the same stuff Monsieur Marcel has but cheaper. Granted, last time I bought some was a couple of years ago (it lasts well, you know), but it was $14 for a one-pound container then, which was what MM was asking for the small container.

                Yes, roasting a duck is about the best way to produce your own, though it will be flavored by whatever herbs etc. you're using, and will need some straining besides. If you aren't keeping Kosher, you can make up any shortage with good lard (NOT Farmer John's!), which can be found at Latino market butcher counters.

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                  although this would be better on the general board, the fat can be rendered stove top quite easily and you can end up with the most delicious cracklings imaginable, only topped by goose cracklings.
                  store the cracklings in the chilled set duck fat, they heat up just fine.

                2. followup report:
                  went to whole foods el segundo and bought a 7oz-er for $7.99.
                  seemed a little expensive, but haven't checked prices elsewhere.
                  i caramelized a yellow onion, finely diced and folded them into some leftover mashed potatoes, breaded with panko and fried in a little duck fat and canola (to bring up the smoke point).

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                    What you described in your process sounds like the you had some serious respect for the food in front of you - I think $7.99 was well worth the duck fat.

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                      A bit late, but thanks for the followup. I've been on the hunt for the same product, wanting to confit some duck at home. Most Whole Foods will have it in the Cheese section, usually alongside their gourmet butters. Bristol Farms will also carry it in the freezer section adjacent to the butcher, along with their demi-glaces and other specialty meat products. Bristol sells a 7-oz package for $6.99. I'll go check out Surfas this weekend and report my findings back here.

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                        For $7.99 you could buy four or five pounds of duck legs at 99 Ranch, render out 12 ounces of duck fat and as a bonus have a delicious dinner for four. Buying duck fat makes as much sense as buying bacon grease.

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                          I just ordered and received (2) 11.5 oz containers of Rendered Duck Fat by Rougie...which is delicious duck fat...for $10.50 a jar on Amazon. The same product 18.00 at Surfas...
                          for 2 jars, 33.00 after shipping. Here is the link.

                    2. Surfas for all things!!! The brand is D'Artangnan (spelling? not very expensive for rendered fat...also goose available
                      I find Surfas to have all the things i need at very reasonable prices, especially restaurant grade pots and pans, which prove you don't need these super high priced pans to amke great food because the best restaurants don't use them!

                      1. another followup:
                        i've called around and everyone should shop around to find the best prices.
                        whole foods el segundo has the 7ozer for 7.99, but whole foods venice has the same package for 15.99.
                        no idea why it's so much more expensive, but it is.
                        anyways, thanks for the suggestions kids.

                        1. call up Comme Ca. It bet they have a s&%t load that hey would/can sell you.

                          1. Farmers Market Poultry at the 3rd Street Farmers Market (323-936-8158) has 2 lb. containers of duck fat for $14; they're on the 3rd St. side of the market area, near gate 9.

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                              That's the poultry branch of Marconda Meats, my favorite FM butcher shop. Thanks for the info; that's half the price of Nicole's, which was half the price of M. Marcel's! As an extra bonus, it gives me yet another excuse to head for 3rd and Fairfax, one of my favorite places in LA.

                            2. Nicole's in South Pasadena

                              1. Try chinese markets like 99 Ranch.