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Nov 23, 2008 09:36 PM

where do you buy duck fat?

i'm guessing surfas is one place, but is there anywhere else (westside/south bay adjacent) that carries decent, cheap duck fat?
i'm guessing i don't need anything super high grade because i'm just starting to cook with it; if anyone has suggestions on what brand/type/etc. let me know!
any suggestions would be helpful.

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    Don't know where in LA, but a good brand, available mail order, and several places here in the Boston area.

    1. Surfas has it in the freezer compartment. I don't know if it's cheap, but it's available.

      1. Try Chinese markets, as they have lots of otherwise unobtainable stuff.

        1. Bristol Farms stores have the d'Artagnan stuff in the freezer case. It's kind of expensive, but decent in quality. Of course, the first time you roast a duck, you will have more than you know what to do with...

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            I've seen it at some whole foods.

          2. I've seen it in Whole Foods stores in the cheese area, I believe, don't remember the price.

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              i tried at whole food's and Bristol Farms on Sunset and Fairfax, but no luck. I had to go to Nichole in South Pas, though I believe Surfa's has it as well.

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                Yeah, Whole Foods sells rendered duck fat, but it's pretty expensive.