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Nov 23, 2008 09:01 PM

Fresh Yuzu

My FIL thought he bought a lime tree, but it turns out that it is actually a yuzu tree! He gave us an entire grocery bag of yuzus and I have to use them soon. I'm already planning ponzu sauce and cocktails with the juice. Can anyone else tell me the best way to store them or freeze the rinds, maybe? They are too valuable to waste!

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  1. i brought back "yuzu tea" when i visited japan and what it seems to be is a yuzu jam/preserve. but they water it down and make a "tea" from it to drink hot! while i'm not fond of the tea i love the jam.

    i'll eat it like preserves but also use it for vinaigrette to give it a nice sweet citrus edge. i've considered just swirling it into a homemade ice cream custard and filling cakes with it.... i think this preparation lends well to many possibilities.

    otherwise.. freeze the juice!