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Nov 23, 2008 08:38 PM

Tucson Weekend Recommendations

I'm planning a Friday - Sunday weekend trip Dec 5 - 7 to Tucson with my husband - we'll be staying at the Marriott Starr Pass Resort . I've been looking at the boards and decided I don't want to miss Cafe Poca Cosa probably for lunch on Saturday.

Are any of the restaurants at the Marriott worth considering?

I was thinking we might go to the Loft for a Saturday night movie - any restaurants near there?

Also, coffee shops that would be fun to go to on Sunday morning.... ?

We like a casual place with some atmosphere - I'm hoping for a little romance! so anywhere we could linger over dinner and just relax would be great. It would be nice if it's in a pretty location. We like any ethnic, seafood, steak... pretty flexible on the type of food, as long as it's great and relaxing atmosphere. Price isn't a huge consideration just looking for a memorable weekend.


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  1. Primo at the StarrPass Marriott is very good, especially apps, desserts, pizza, breads. The only thing I haven't liked is the saltimboca, even though it's a house specialty.

    Sunday am: Blue Willow (great shop, coffee), Cup Cafe (great atmosphere), B-Line (great pies and coffee).

    Casual, romantic atmosphere: NoRTH, Montana Ave., Primo's patio.

    1. The Dish is practically across the street from the Loft theater and they're amazing!

      Great food, great wine and a really romantic atmosphere. Good luck!

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