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Nov 23, 2008 08:12 PM

Vegas: the Best of the Best

Hey all. Am looking for a place for a Saturday night dinner this weekend in Vegas- I'm looking for French- not *necessarily* classic, but more toward classic than nouvelle.

This is going to be a special dinner so I really want the top of the top- we've been to Andre, and I've checked out Picasso and the Eiffel Tower restaurant- but have been to neither of them.

I don't know much beyond these ones and so am looking to the 'hound for some guides!


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  1. "Classic" French is hard to find anywhere in the world these days, including France. I would say your "A" list for best of the best, among places where you might find a somewhat "classic" approach, would include Robuchon at the Mansion, Guy Savoy, Alex, and Picasso. But unless the economy is really hurting everybody, reservations this coming Sat may be tough at any of them. Bring money.

    1. I highly recommend both Alex and Guy Savoy. You should be able to get a reservation although it may not be at your first choice of times. I've dined at Picasso and it was a very nice experience. I believe it is a rung below Alex and GS however in the food, service and intangible departments. It's also less expensive. I have not dined at Eiffel Tower and don't plan to based on many reviews which rarely go beyond average but spendy. Other places to consider would be MIX and Alize both of which are French influenced. Alize will be very similar to Andres although in a more impressive setting. Good luck!

      1. If $ is no object then Guy Savoy should be your pick. It is all you ask for in terms of service, atmosphere (a tad stark), and quality of food. It is a tremendous experience but I would plan on spending close to $500 per person, and that is with average wine. But there is no doubt that Guy Savoy should be at the top of most culinary experiences not only in Las Vegas but in the entire U.S. I would argue.

        As far as Picasso is concerned, I love it. If I had a choice between the 2 and I did not have to pay, GS would no doubt be my choice. However, GS is roughly 3x as expensive and if I were paying I would choose Picasso without question. And there is no question, IMHO, that Picasso is the most beautiful dining room in Las Vegas (and like above comparison of GS to possibly being the best dining in all of the U.S., Picasso's dining room has rivaled, if not surpassed all of those that I have ever been to.)

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          Thanks all. Keep it comin! Oh and by Classic French, I didn't mean truly, truly Classic- I just meant straight-up French as opposed to more fusion or general "Continental" takes.

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            Bouchon. Classic. French. Bistro.

            Google it for reviews other than my recommendation.

        2. I would strongly recommend either Alex or Guy Savoy. We have done the tasting menus at both. For a price reference, my dinner for two (with wine pairings and gratuity) at Alex was about $800 and Guy Savoy was $1,500!! Although Alex is great, I think that Guy Savoy is at least twice as good and worth the price.

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            OK I think I've narrowed it down to either Robuchon or Picasso. Thoughts?

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              I've always leaned towards Alex for special occasions. It seems slightly different from the other celeb-chef places in that Chef Stratta is sweating it out in the kitchen each and every night which Guy Savoy and Robuchon are off in France managing from afar. Alex screams "true-Vegas" in its decor, old-school dress code, service and ambiance. Not the the other places aren't good, just vastly different. Alex seems to combine the 5-star dining experience with the Vegas experience, if that makes any sense.

              I don't get Picasso. I agree with LVI that the dining room is very aesthetically pleasing, but there are others in Vegas which are in the same realm (i.e. Savoy, Alize, Alex to name a few). If you think the Bellagio fountains are the 8th wonder then by all means sign up for a reservation at Picasso. From my experience though, you'll be getting a nice meal but not to the same standards as GS and Alex.

              I can't comment on Robuchon since I have not yet been there. It's high on the list.

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                OK. if you don't dine at Bouchon, try their breakfast.....