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Nov 23, 2008 07:52 PM

Birthday dinner in Queens, prix fix or value?

Need a NEW spot for birthday dinner for 2 in Queens, will have babysitter. Prefer weekday. Prefer Prix Fix with great food, or a place that has entrees $15 or under.
Would prefer Italian, Spanish, Greek, Indian, cuisines. French, Japanese, and Mexican are out. Nice and fairly quiet atmosphere a plus. Great Desserts a plus. Any area in Queens is fine, we have car.

Would be willing to trek to Brooklyn, but we don't want small portions, and pretentious service, and I've read a lot of conflicting stuff about the few places repeatedly recommended for prix fix, although it seems like Tempo gets the nod overall. Thought their menu sounded interesting.

Been to Danny Brown Kitchen, so that's a no.
Eat at Sripiphrai all the time, so that's a no.
Eat at De Mole all the time, so that's a no.
Eat at Spicy and Tasty in Flushing all the time, so that's a no.
Sapori dpsihia been in the past, my husband freaked over the water thing,
No to Parkside.
No to Uzbek places.

Was thinking :

-Lincontro in Astora, never been, but it seems very pricey, and loud.

-Maybe new place mentioned here, Il Poeta on Metropolitan in Forest Hills, but haven't seen the menu there.

-Uvurrara? Is that the spelling?? in Glendale, what is good there? Thought this was more of like a wine bar tapas place.

-One of the newer Indian places in Jackson Heights, which is the most upscale and best foodwise?

Thanks for some guidance.........

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  1. Uvarara is lovely. I haven't been in a while, but when I went that only had special entrees every day, no regular entree menus. Get the gnocchi, it is to die for. If you want to leave the borough, why not Arthur Ave. L'Incontro is a fun experience with all the specials, too. They have been very good about sharing courses. That keeps the price down and the number of things you can taste up. We get one or two apps, share a pasta and share an entree and share a dessert.

    1. You mentioned Birthday. Have you ever been to Uncle Peter's Continental on Northern Blvd & 83rd St. They have a Sunset Special for $23.95 which includes a glass of wine, appetizer, entree with vegetable & potato, coffee & dessert. Very nice atmosphere and excellent waitstaff. I took someone that was celebrating a Birthday The waitstaff all came out surrounded the table with a small cake and sang Happy Birthday. It was really very special. They have a full bar if you would like a cocktail. They have Valet Parking Service. If you decided on this restaurant call for the Sunset Special Hours. You have to order by a special time and I forget what time it is. When I lived real close by, I was a regular but have since moved further away and don't go often. I really like this place.

      1. Janie:
        My two cents:
        L'Incontro is great- lots of specials, good food, service is stellar, but it's pricey.
        Uvarara is nice, but service is spotty, depending on your waiter. I've had great experiences there (short ribs are phenomenal), and some only OK. It's never a quick meal there.
        Of course, you know my take on Il Poeta.
        The only Indian place I know in Jackson Heights is the Jackson Diner- there's a good Indian place on Lefferts and Atlantic (Punjabi Palace?) and another on Union Tpk. near the Queens-Nassau border.

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        1. re: dbosullivan

          Love Uvarara for their wine selection and their little plates. You can just do italian tapas for dinner, with their gnocchi as the star dish.

          I am sorry to disappoint L'Incontro fans, I was not impressed. I think it suffers from the same noisy syndrome as Dee's, presumptuously I blame it on the high ceiling. The service was very attentive, but at times it was a little too motherly. The food was very average, I expected something glorious. Sapori D'Ischia and Uvarara are still on the top of my list for delicious Italian.

          I looove Pampas Argentina on Metro, their skirt steaks are unbeatable and I usually get their hearts of palm salad. La Finca Florencia Malbec goes so well with the grilled and smoked flavor of the meat.

          Can't bring myself to enter Piccola Venezia, it's just so mafioso and stuffy. I really don't like that rococo look.

        2. I am still a fan of La Flor on Roosevelt and 52nd. I recently wrote a review of my re-visit there.

          1. Agnanti. Great deal, beautiful location. Amazing free desert. To leave their and stand under the bridge and park by the water...

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            1. re: Widmark

              Haven't been to Agnanti in a long time, and found it sort of pricey and small portions, and didn't really remember anything special. What do you like there especially?

              1. re: janie

                I only get the mezze which I find priced fine and while the dishes are small, they go a long way. The tzaziki, the foul, the phillo shrimp, the ravioli with mushroom, tomato croquets, greek sausage, the baked feta and saganaki dishes. None of these are entrees and they're all quite filling, I think.