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Nov 23, 2008 07:16 PM

Best Places to Eat alone in MSP

Hello! I'm a college student and despite the fact that I have lived in the twin cities nearly four years I don't know anything about good restaurants in the twin cities. I hate trying to coordinate with all my friends on going to try new places so I was wondering if there are any great places for people eating solo in the cities? If not a couple of good places (paticularly for lunch) would be most helpful. I live in the mac/groveland area of Saint Paul is that helps. Thanks!

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  1. I don't know what your budget is, but if you want a splurge, I'd suggest the bar at 112 eatery in the Warehouse District. This place is a favorite of many on the board. Most of the time that I've eaten there, I've eaten by myself at the bar. It's always fun to sit and watch the world go by and I've usually struck up conversations with the people sitting on the stool next to me.

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      I second 112 eatery. Many solo meals were spent at that bar (extended business engagement). I am not normally an eat at the bar kind of gal, and usually bring a book if I do, but this is the one place that the the friendliness of my fellow diners (and bar tender) consistently kept me from getting more than a few pages ahead in my reading.

      I cannot recommend this place enough, its super cozy, and you can consistently spend $25 for a great, full meal. Order an appetizer and the small portion of one of the pastas. For me, the scallop app and the foie tagliatelle were the best dinner in town.

    2. I just moved from the Mac-Groveland area, and I really liked the wine bar at Heartland for eating alone. It was very soothing and relaxing, and the service was wonderful. I kind of like eating by myself once in a while...

      1. If you feel like a drive I'd say Broder's pasta bar in SW mpls is perfect for solo dining (at the pasta bar) for dinner.

        Heartland wine bar - I think they are only open for dinner......

        Shish on Grand is a nice stop & Coffee News Cafe as well.
        Perfectly relaxing to dine solo at either spot. Especially at lunch.

        Signature cafe is a solid solo dining spot as well. (dinner) since the wait staff is very friendly (Natalie)

        1. I eat alone quite a bit. I've never run into any problems, especially at lunch. Which means, you should give us more of an idea of your price range and type of food you are looking for.

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            My price range is probably $5-$50. I really want to try some interesting places but I don't have a particular type of food I'm looking for.

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              Try Ngon Bistro, it is really great.

          2. As others have mentioned, the wine bar at Heartland in Mac Groveland is a great place to eat alone. The food and wine are superb and the bar is intimate.