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Nov 23, 2008 06:04 PM

Sugar-free dessert for Thursday?

One of our dinner guests on Thanksgiving day is diabetic. Where can I get something nice for dessert that he can have, while the rest of us bliss out on pecan and pumpkin pie?

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  1. not sure if you're feeling ambitious, but i usually make a splenda-sweetened pumpkin swirl cheesecake for my diabetic hubby.

    1. If you'd rather buy something try calling People's Pharmacy on North Lamar or Wildwood Cafe off Bee Caves Road. Both places sell alternative baked goods. People's Pharmacy should be able to refer you to someone local.

      I highly recommend trying to find products made with natural sugar substitues like Maltitol, Stevia or Xylitol (to name a few). Splenda is actually Sucralose which is defined as chlorinated sugar. You can find more information on natural sugars and sugars that are chemically based on the Wikipedia - Sugar Substitutes.

      1. Here's a couple of easy ones that fit into a T-giving theme. Baked Acorn Squash, cut in half first, usually with butter and brown sugar, but you don't need the latter, as the squash is sweet enough on its own. Another good one is a fruit plate, possibly fruit and cheese, say sliced pears with several kinds of cheese?

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          GREAT suggestions!

          Baked apples or pears with raisins/cinnamon, maple syrup?

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            The maple syrup is probably pushing it--my impression is the natural sugars in fruit is alright but still a bit sugarey for diabetics. Another idea is to just serve the diabetic a cheese tray without fruit, or maybe nuts? One other idea comes to mind, though it does use fruit: prosciutto & melon slices.

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              These are ALL great suggestions - thank you all! I might go with the prosciutto and melon... I just didn't want to feel relegated to a batch of Royal brand sugar-free chocolate pudding...8-)