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Nov 23, 2008 05:35 PM

Paesano bread in South Bay?

My husband and I love the Paesano bread from Zingerman's in Michigan. In past years we have mail ordered it - yeah, from Michigan. This bread is to die for and it has become a holiday tradition for us to have fresh cracked crab, melted butter, Paesano bread and champagne. OMG

Problem is, my green conscience just can't handle shipping bread from multiple states away. All of that fuel=carbon emissions to get it to me... thats just not right.

So I'm hoping that anybody can help point me to this type of bread made fresh somewhere in the south bay. The Zingerman's catalog says: "This is the traditional bread of Puglia - the heel of Italy's boot ..."

The bread has a lovely thin very crispy toasty crust and soft wonderfully flavored interior that is very holey.

I appreciate any pointers to a local source. We live in Willow Glen of San Jose.


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  1. When Googling Paesano Bread, most hits seem to point to Zingerman's or other Michigan sources, so that might be a local name for Pugliese bread.

    Grace Baking makes two pugliese breads (one a sourdough) which, it's website says, are available at "the finest grocery stores in the San Francisco Bay Area including Whole Foods, Safeway, Lucky Stores, Cala Foods, Costco, Mollie Stones, and many fine independent markets. "

    Edited to add: I don't know where the Canadian website comes in, but Grace Baking's Pugliese is par-baked in Richmond CA (California, not Canada) and par-baked in your local stores.