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Nov 23, 2008 05:33 PM

Red Velvet Cake in NO?

I 'm a huge red velvet cake fan and would like where I can get a great piece.... either pick-up a whole or dine-in if someone has a great one around--this is my favorite holiday indulgence and I want it to be great. Any leads?

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  1. Cake Cafe and Bakery on Chartres in the Marginy does a good red velvet cup cake. Not sure if the regularly have full cakes, but I'm sure they could make one.

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    1. re: Frolic

      They will do a regular sized cake. I ordered one for Thanksgiving. A 9-inch two layer one, was $32 and it was really good.

    2. delmonico will make you one if you order it

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      1. re: chef4hire

        i went to Cochon a while back and had the best red velvet i have ever had. they served it with home made orange marmalade that was out of this world

      2. The red velvet cake at O'Delice on Magazine St. is divine. As is everything in that place from the tuna salad croissant to the thick dense brownies. Oh and the smell in there! It's heaven.

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          I got a red velvet birthday cake from O'Delice and it was wonderful. Wouldn't have changed anything about it.

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            Did it have a cream cheese frosting? Thank you!

        2. I asked the same thing back in November- here's the post with responses..

          My mother makes the best and she uses the recipe from a early 1990's Southern Living cookbook. This is my favorite dessert, but I don't just eat any red velvet!!

          The new cupcake place that I have raved about on this board-Bee Sweet Cupcakes on Magazine makes a delicious red velvet cupcake- wonderful!!!!!! They are best eaten the day you buy them bc they are so moist!

          1. You have tried "Russian Cake" sold by the slice?
            Just askin'