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Nov 23, 2008 05:22 PM

Place to buy truffle oil

Does anybody know of a good & not insanely priced source for truffle oil? I know most/all oil doesn't have legit truffle in it, but I'm looking for something to pull the flavor up some without breaking the bank. I've got a good porcini risotto that I'd like to douse with truffles.


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  1. O& Co. Makes a great white truffle oil and it's not too expensive - depends on the size you buy

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    1. re: Mel.D

      Seconded. I went to O&Co's store in St. Remy when I was in France last month and did a tasting of their oils and vinegars. The truffle oil was delicious. I opted against purchasing though, and regretted it pretty much from the moment I got home. I finally caved this weekend and ordered some online.

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      1. To be honest, I cannot yet report on the quality of a product I have recently purchased. There was a review in a cooking magazine (sorry I don't remember which one). But the review was fairly contagious, as it raved about the following company's white truffle oil. I ended up ordering white truffle, almond, and pistachio oils. I hope they are awesome, and in the meanwhile, you can check out the site if you like.


      2. I've never tried it, but the Trader Joe's locations here in Indianapolis usually have truffle oil - I don't recall the price, but it's Trader Joe's, so I'm sure it's not too expensive.

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          Cosi Tutti looks like a pretty decent site from my perspective, but the O&Co looks too pricey for what you get. Especially considering articles like this one:

          ..that make it seem like truffle oil could be sold alongside snake oil for all its legitimacy. I don't know that it's worthwhile going for the frou frou store with the good pedigree for this ingredient. One 2,4-dithiapentane molecule is as good as the next, I always say!

          @nickblesch: I wish the TJ's by me still had truffle oil! Here in San Francisco they stopped carrying it about a year ago. It used to be $9/8 oz. and like so many TJ's products was very much on par with the $30/8oz bottles I've bought elsewhere.

          I'll keep my nose to the ground for now.

          1. re: slowcali

            Considering O&Co has produced the oil named the world's best at least twice in the past five years, I think the likelihood that you would get snake oil is pretty low. Plus, the price looked pretty terrific to me, compared to what is was in Euros last month. But to each his own. Good luck in your search!!

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