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Nov 23, 2008 04:36 PM

MIA: Fage with strawberry

I have been searching for this for weeks to no avail. Stores seem to stock plenty of the Fage with peach which is good and the Fage with honey which is vile but none with strawberry on this side. Has anyone found this lately? I'm willing to travel just about anywhere around Boston but would prefer the Brookline, Newton, Cambridge, Somerville area. Thanks!

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  1. The Whole Foods in Framingham had just a few this past Wednesday. I had to hunt it out among the cherry and peach, both of which are also very good but a bit too sweet for me. I'm with you on the honey. I wouldn't make a trip out to Framingham without calling, though, since there weren't many.

    You can also try Market Basket in Somerville (usually $1.50) and Shaw's, and I know that Wilson Farms in Lexington usually carries the fruit Fage ($2.39 each, or something in that range. Not cheap.) Once again, I'd call any of these places before venturing out unless you have other things to pick up.

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      Whole Foods and Market Basket both carry it but I haven't bought any in a couple of weeks so I didn't realize there was a shortage. Another place that carries it is Idylwilde Farm in Acton.

      Also, when Fage switched their packaging from their nice transparent fruit section to the white opaque one, did they also change the recipe? I swear it doesn't taste as good as it did but maybe it's my imagination...

    2. I'll beg to differ that the honey is vile, since it's my favorite of the Fage flavors, but I saw plenty in stock at my Stop & Shop in Quincy just yesterday. I usually see them at the Shaw's on Green St in Cambridge too, but I've been out of town for the past two weeks, so I haven't made the lunch time trip over for a little while.

      1. Saw them at Shaws in Packards corner last night -

        1. I buy the strawberry at the Whole Foods on Cambridge Street in Beacon Hill

          1. saw lots of fage with strawberry this afternoon at harvest co-op in central sq

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              Thanks to everyone - I will resume the search this weekend and report back.