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Nov 23, 2008 03:33 PM

Thanksgiving with a Barbecue, Rice Cooker, and Slow Cooker

My parents are having their kitchen remodeled, and as such do not have the use of the most basic cooking areas - no stove, no range. What we have to work with instead is a grill in the backyard, a nice large crockpot, and a large rice cooker which can also steam.

There is no real commitment on any of our parts to go for only traditional dishes, but at the same time we do want a fairly fall focused meal, and a traditional all out barbecue is definitely not what we have in mind - rule out ribs, corn, burgers, and such.

All I was thinking about at this point is maybe grilling a slab of ham, grilling some vegetables (hoping for someway to makeshift roast squash - wrap in tinfoil?), a hearty soup form the slow cooker, and maybe steaming some potatoes and mashing them, and having some grilled bread and rice something-or-another premade a bit. All in all, I have no real clue whatsoever.

We may get a pressure cooker to use, though not definite, but we will also have a microwave, toaster oven, and george forman grill available. We only need to feed 5.

If anyone has any ideas for how to do any of what I've imagined, or, even better, has some awesome recipes to share that can be made with only these tools, that would be fantastic. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Every Labor Day when we go camping, we use the grill to bake, roast, etc. We roast a turkey very year and have all the trimmings. Do you have a gas grill? Light one side so you can use indirect heat. Put the turkey (or turkey parts) in a foil roasting pan and cover with foil. Place on the unlit side. Make sure you maintian a contant temperature and roast like you would in the oven. Take the foil off for the last 1/2 hour is you want crispy skin. We also bake bread on the grill. With your grill/oven, a microwave, a toaster oven and a steamer, I think you can create a Thanksgiving meal that's traditional and delicious.

    Squash, just cut and rub with oil and seasonings. Wrap in heavy duty foil and put on the grill, you can do just about any vegetable this way. For things like zucchini and asparagus, just place the vegetables on the grill over the flame.

    Anything you can do in the oven, you can do on your gas grill.

    Good luck and have a great holiday.

    1. in the off chance you want to do turkey, this would be the perfect opportunity to do an outdoors deep-fried turkey in peanut oil

      make stuffing in the rice cooker

      cook potatoes and/or sweet potatoes in toaster, then add whatever you like and reheat in micro...

      1. I would nuke baked potatoes (Idaho and sweet) in the microwave until mostly done and finish in the toaster oven or grill. For the sweet potatoes, slice into medallions and top with butter, pecans and brown sugar (if you like this dish) before baking in the toaster oven.

        Grill asparagus and cauliflower for sides

        In the rice cooker, make wild rice with broth. Broil bacon in the toaster oven until crisp, crumble and mix into the rice along with toasted almonds, dried cranberries and toasted fennel, for dressing.

        For an entree... if you want something slightly traditional, try grilling turkey breast, served with a side of fruity (i.e. mango) salsa.

        For dessert, make pumpkin custards in the rice cooker / steamer and serve with ice cream.

        1. You could buy some turkey parts - say two legs and half a breast, or a whole turkey breast (bone-in) and slowly braise it in the slow cooker. You can even make gravy from the pan juices in there by adding a burre mane (ie butter mixed with flour) or cornstarch.

          Depending on how big your grill is you can also easily cook a turkey in a roasting pan on the gril covered with the lid. You may wish to do turkey parts if the whole thing is too big for your size of grill. We regularly do whole chickens in a pan on the grill and have done turkey parts before.

          Use the rice cooker to boil the potatoes, then mash them.

          Use the toaster oven to cook the stuffing.

          Grill up some veggies if you want. Bobby Flay has been doing a number of interesting seasonal fall or thanksgiving-ish grilled veggie recipes on Food Network the past several days, if you do a search on that site.

          Throw together a simple salad of say baby greens, dried cranberries, toasted nuts, a little goat cheese.

          Buy a nice pie or dessert from the store.

          1. Remove the neck and bag from the turkey cavity. Stuff the turkey with sticky rice and chestnuts and cook it over indirect heat on the grill along with garlic for mashers. Steam yams & potatoes for mashers in the rice cooker. Cook the neck and such in the slow cooker for broth. Deglaze the turkey pan with brandy and reduce with the broth to make gravy.