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Nov 23, 2008 03:26 PM

Grill 23 vs. Moo

We have reservations for both the Classic Grill 23, a place we have been many times, and love, and the "trendy" Moo, someplace we have never been, but have heard fab things about. So the question for all of you is, try something new or stick with what we know. I am looking for any recent reviews for both places. Thanks!

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  1. i've never been to moo, but just recently celebrated an anniversary with my boyfriend at grill 23 and we had a fabulous time - everything was great. the service was perfect, i love the feeling of the restaurant, and the food was incredible - some of the best steak i've ever had. it was my first time there and would go back in a heartbeat.

    1. I've been to both and I would suggest you try Moo - we had a fantastic meal there.

      1. Have been to both, and will only go back to G23B&G. It's noisey, it's expensive, and it's great. Oh, and by the way, Jay Murray does great seafood as well.

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          Give Mooo a try, for a change.

          I slightly prefer Grill 23, but I think Mooo does a great job and it's a gorgeous room. Splurge for the 21 Day Aged strip (sirloin?)----it was awesome. The sides may be even better than Grill 23's.

        2. Grill 23 is from Mars; Mooo.... is from Venus. G23 is overly loud and more likely to be hosting big groups of businesspeople celebrating deals. Mooo.... is comparatively quiet and romantic; I'd rate its service a notch below G23's. Mooo.... has the annoying tic of charging you an extra $2-6 if you want a sauce for your $40-50 steak.

          Both feature good traditional bartending, though neither is in the same league as the Green Streets and Eastern Standards of the world. (Kevin Dick at G23 is still one of my favorite bartenders in town, despite his likely inability to make a Scofflaw without consulting a bar guide). Both have long wine lists including trophy bottles that run to several thousand dollars a pop.

          Both are very expensive, but Mooo.... manages to be moreso. I think I prefer the aged boutique prime beef at G23.