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Nov 23, 2008 03:23 PM

Our annual visit to a food mecca!

We try to get up to Seattle once a year. Last year we ate at Spruce and Sitka, Tilth, Monsoon, Tavolata Taste and Quinns. Are there any new good places to open in the last year?
We will be staying in Belltown and usually take public transport, but can take a cab! We prefer more casual places with the emphasis on great seasonal food. We have been to Crush, Rovers, Lampreia and Zoe. We prefer smaller places not so high end. Mpney is not the most important.

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  1. a couple doors down Blanchard st from Zoe is Spur, small place with cutting edge cocktails and food (chefs formerly at Tilth iirc). Some people also like the nearby Txori, a smaller spinoff of Harvest Vine. For casual izakaya-style Japanese, there is Kushi Bar.

    1. Spinasse is the best new restaurant of at least the last 2 years, IMO.

      1. I have pretty much gone on meal plan at Cafe Presse (12th near Madison); I don't think it opened within the past year, but it has grown steadily more hopping. I have also been enjoying small plates at Licorice.

        1. Definitely Spinasse. Presse is always delicious. If you're in Belltown, Cafe Campagne is a great spot for lunch. Do not miss Corson Building in Georgetown - Sitka and Spruce's new venture.

          1. We're from New York, had dinner at Corson Building last night, and it was unforgettable. You have to be into the family style concept but we had a great conversation with our table mates, and the food and service and atmosphere were fantastic. I'm still swooning over the porcini and jerusalem artichoke soup with truffle infused whipped cream, and the black cod with hazelnuts, faro and brown butter, and the brilliant oysters with Meyer lemon and shallots and... oh, I could go on and on. And for us NYers, a relative bargain.