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Nov 23, 2008 02:42 PM

BBQ or Pig Roast


I am throwing a party for 80-100 people and I am curious as to whether there is a GREAT company that can cater a killer BBQ or pig roast (which would be really cool!) bash in the Western WA area. Texas, Memphis, Carloina style takes back seat to quality. Looking for somebody that can come to me and blow me away with their food.

Previous threads have mentioned Longhorn (not impressed), Jones (not in a million years) and Armdillo (not sure). Any help?

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  1. Casper's Supper Club on Lake City Way and 155th (?) makes some tasty grub and has a killer barbeque rig that he can haul around and do on-site BBQ. I think the ribs and Q are fantastic, others aren't so enthusiastic, but Casper is a really good guy and works really hard to make people happy.

    1. This may be a longshot but contact Simpatica in Portland. There is very little good BBQ in the PNW, but Simpatica is a restaurant/abbatoir/etc. in Portland that is awesome!

      1. Uwajimaya roasts pigs for $250 and I think they have 2 different styles.
        They are at
        10500 SW Beaverton Hillsdale
        Beaverton, OR 97005 - (503) 643-4512

        1. Teddy Bear BBQ caters.
          They're definitely one of the top in the area for Q.


            I was devastated when their retail outlet burned down.