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Nov 23, 2008 02:36 PM

Flying Fish this week?

I have not one, but two dinners at Flying Fish this week.

What's good there right now? The only time I've been, I was eh on the food, so I'm hoping I just ordered incorrectly.

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  1. My fave FF dish is the whole fried fish but it's meant to be shared. Is that a possibility?

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    1. re: afrikando

      Perhaps not (the dining companions are not people with whom I'm particularly close), but I am willing to put aside propriety for good food.

    2. The crab has been best choice in the past, but recent FF experiences have been bad. Be sure to check your bill: service charged us 3x for 2 drinks; 3x for 1 order, after being ignored by staff for 30+ minutes. We talked to the manager, who said he didn't think they "meant to" make these mistakes. What was that?