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Banquet halls-Italian Style?

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I am looking to have a big fat Italian wedding and hope to do it in Fall 2009. It's already a little late in the planning stages and few places have availability.

I am looking for a nice banquet hall, with excellent Italian food, for a max of 300 guests. I have been to some great ones in Vaughan but open to suggestions in north/west end of the city or downtown.

Any suggestion out there??

Here is who I have already contacted:
The Terrace
West River
Le Jardin
Liberty Grand
Le Primivera

Thanks so much for any help

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  1. http://www.rizzohall.com/

    I've never been to Rizzo Banquet Hall for a wedding, but have attended their new years eve party numerous times. My parents also frequent their fish dinner nights, where they serve up 6 courses and an antipasto table. The food and service are both great. It definately falls into the tradition Italian Hall, and might be what you are looking for.