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Nov 23, 2008 01:41 PM

Feeding a vegetarian in Pasadena/Eagle Rock area

Two of us, both omnivores, will be taking a vegetarian friend out to dinner for her birthday in a couple of weeks. She eats eggs & dairy, but no meat of any kind including fish. We'd like to find a restaurant that has vegetarian options and a few good wines.

Ethnicity is not a concern, although as a vegetarian, she finds most choices at Italian and Middle Eastern restaurants. Something different would be nice.

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  1. Tibet Nepal House is good(even the lunch buffet can accommodate vegs & omnis.

    Street Address: 36 E Holly St. Pasadena Ca 91103
    Phone / Fax: 626 585 0955

    tibet nepal house
    los angeles, Los Angeles, CA

    1. Cafe Beaujolais is bound to have something that works.....

      1. try Siena in Pasadena.
        Love that place. i know they have meatless pasta's, pizzas, etc. farmers market driven. i highly recommend the squid ink pasta for anyone who eats fish. i was actually at cafe beaujolais friday night and the menu wasn't very vegetarian friendly. they had salads, but the entrees were all meat/fish, there were a few pasta dishes but i remember fish in them.

        1. Found this article. May be a little dated.

          There's also a new restaurant called Bean Sprouts in Arcadia at 103 E Huntington Dr., 626-254-8708

          1. Without a doubt, check-out Fatty's in Eagle Rock: - some really wonderful, creative foods and wine.