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Nov 23, 2008 01:30 PM

Brownies- sub applesauce for butter?

I've been reading the recent threads about brownies- one of my favorite subjects! I want to try the oft-mentioned Ina Garten outrageous brownie recipe. What do you think of subbing some applesauce for some amount of the butter? I hope it's not heresy to suggest that!

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  1. I've used bananas as a full and partial butter replacement in baked goods. It will come out a lot moister than with just butter (and more cakelike). Applesauce can be used too, but I've had better luck with bananas (I also believe that bananas are a better complement to chocolate than apples).

    1. I've used applesauce instead of oil in brownie mixes and it comes out great. My friends can't tell the difference.

      1. Bananas sound like a good idea- except for the more cake-like part. Sounds like it would defeat the purpose of making a nice, chewy, fudgy brownie! Probably a substitution of not too big a proportion would be best...

        As far as subbing applesauce for oil in brownie mix, I see how that would work- and be better than subbing for butter in a recipe.

        Guess I just need to try it-

        1. Perhaps subbing applesauce in brownie mixes comes out OK but subbing it in scratch brownies will result in a very diff end product. The texture will be very diff--spongy and cake-like, not chewy or fudgy. The flavor will also be diff, not nearly as rich or chocolatey. That said, they are lovely on their own, just for what they are, but don't expect them to fool a true brownie lover.

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            I'venever made from scratch brownies with applesauce- I always follow the recipe. When I make the kind from the mix, it's usually for a calorie counter, so I use applesauce instead. Sometimes I use a brownie mix and a small can of pumpkin (no eggs or oil or water). That way, whoever is eating it knows exactly how many calories and carbs are involved.

          2. another good choice is prune puree. you can just snag this in the baby food aisle.

            another option is a nonfat plain yogurt...