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Nov 23, 2008 01:23 PM

Take-over Advertising on Landing Page

I understand that the site needs to be funded—or ad-driven, per se—but the egregious take-over-style advertising on the main landing page ( is a poor threshold for the site to present to visitors. Right now the MasterCard advertisement—which ironically is showing a supposed tranquil scene of meditation while actually effecting my experience in the complete opposite—interferes so dramatically with the branding and content of Chowhound that I think it's a huge mistake on the part of the site owners to allow such broad strokes.

This is especially concerning for first-time visitors who get a marred impression of the value and content of this amazing site by the immediate poor-taste left after the landing page loads.

Other people's thoughts?

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  1. Because all of the ads are for the same company/product? Or because parts of the image are in the background as well?

    Doesn't seem to me any different at all than having ads generally and they're far less intrusive than on many websites. So I don't have any issue with it, personally.