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Nov 23, 2008 12:25 PM

Are Accent and canned sweet potatoes devils?

I was originally going to just ask about Accent, which I know is just MSG. When I was growing up, I remember my parents tenderizing tough cuts with this stuff, but I know the recent buzz has not been good. Is there something else one can use that works as well (Adolph's meat tenderizer?)
Seeing all the sweet potato recipes posted got me thinking about how lazy I am when it comes to peeling potatoes. Are canned sweet potatoes unacceptable for most of these recipes?

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  1. I always thought I hated sweet potatoes, as I had the canned stuff every Thanksgiving. Once I tried a fresh one as a teenager, I realized I loved sweet potatoes. The canned ones have an off taste (to me at least) and are nothing like fresh. Two different animals.

    As for Accent, I've never had it but I find meat tenderizers unnecessary if beef is cooked right. If it is a tough cut I either braise (like a chuck steak for pot roast or beef stew meat), or I cook quickly, leave rare, and slice thin (london broil, flank).

    1. Never had canned sweets, so I can't say. As for Accent, it definitely gets used a lot as a flavor enhancer, but I've never tenderized meat w/ it. I just put a pinch in sauces, stews, braises, gravy, scrambled eggs. As long as your'e not MSG sensitive, I say go for it. Adam

      1. yes.

        Now here's my secret for sweet potatoes.
        Scrub, but don't peel them.
        Roll them on your counter & notice where they stop.
        Poke the top with a knife in a few place on top.
        Rub with oil and bake in your oven for an hour on your pizza stone.

        Let them sit on the stone for 20 min after the oven is off.

        Pull them out and slit the SP horizontally. Eat as is.
        Or scoop out the flesh or just peel. The skin will come off easily now.

        Ditto Mels on meat. Never use the stuff. Marinating helps, try using something acidic.
        Vinegar, wine, lemon, lime, orange.

        1. I have one or two old recipes that I use Adolphs to tenderize the meat, it's made of pineapple extract I believe. But I also use bourbon or scotch to moisturize the meat first as called for (it calls for water, but I figure add a little flavor), so who knows what does it. My grandmother always tenderized with just scotch, so there's an idea for you. I also have Accent on hand, I use it in Chinese cooking just because. A little sprinkle, reactions are from using too much of it.
          I know plenty of people that prefer canned, above fresh, so that's up to you. I like fresh and it holds its shape better after cooking, but on the other hand, they take a long time to be done.

          1. Also, consider getting a new veggie peeler. Amazing what a difference it makes!