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Nov 23, 2008 12:22 PM

Tom & Bingo's BBQ - Lubbock

This week, I'm doing a quick, 1-day turnaround trip to/from Lubbock. While watching a Tech game a couple of weeks ago, one of the announcers was raving about the BBQ here at T&B's. I thought I'd try it out for lunch before the return trip, but doing a search today, it looks like they only have chopped beef? and that there is no seating space - ie to-go only? and pretty clearly stated that there are no sides - only bags of chips.

Does anyone have any input on this fine dining establishment?

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  1. Tom & Bingo's is one of those places you walk into and instantly know you're at the right place. It's one of those places that only does one thing; and by doing that, they do it RIGHT! T&B is one of those places you try and then walk out of wondering, why didn't I think of this--- I bet this place would be sold out everyday if this place set up shop at 'X' location. So, in short, yes. It's worth the time to check this place out. It's by far the only place I miss foodwise in Lubbock.. They are only open for lunch though. Eat the chopped or sliced beef sandwich for lunch then head to Spanky's for their legendary fried cheese.

    P.S. Funyons compliment the beef sandwiches the best!

    P.P.S. I don't think they are open on Sundays.

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      Thanks adkim! That will be lunch tomorrow!

    2. Beef and/or ham sandwiches, bags of chips and soft drinks. Seating is available at about 9 or 10 small wooden desks, a la the Original Sonny Bryan's.

      The meat (beef) was moist, tender and lean. As close to perfectly cooked as it could be. Too bad it had zero flavor - even with the sauce. I don't think they even salted it, much less used any type of rub. Major let down.

      Even so, there was a steady stream of people arriving for take out during the 11:30 to 12:00 time frame. They serve until the meat runs out.

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        Tom & Bingo's of Lubbock has been named to the top fifty by Texas Monthly twice. John Morthland said it was "the best bar-b-que west of I35." Back in 1997, Joe Nick Patoski, author of Willie Nelson: An Epic Life was doing the big story on bar-b-q for Texas Monthly. I took him to several big bar-b-que joints in Lubbock. Then he asked me where I ate bar-b-que. I took him to Tom & Bingo's where I have eaten for forty years. Twice, Texas Monthly has said this was the very best in West Texas.

        Johnny Hughes West Texas stories

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          professor huges? business mgt? i took some courses from you. i didn't know you were a foodie. still remember all your crazy stories about joe ely. do you know of any good chicken fried steaks in the hub city?

      2. I used to eat at T&B's when I was a kid growing up in Lubbock...waaaay back in the 50's. , so it's a Lubbock institution for sure.

        They used to have a location across the street from Lubbock High School. The sliced beef sandwiches were very very good. Glad to hear they are still there are doing well. I forget about them when I get back to visit Lubbock.

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          I'm an old friend of the owner (who's the son of the original owner), and ate there for 9 years while I lived there, and whenever I get back. The best sliced beef sandwich ever..add onion and the exceptional sauce and you are in BBQ heaven. Yes, it's small, and no sides, but you can order whole briskets / hams / turkeys anytime (they do a ton for the holidays)..and if you think that brisket doesn't have any flavor, I just don't know what you think BBQ brisket is supposed to taste like..I personally don't want some overdone rub/mustard messing up the taste of this top-quality beef. I have ordered dozens of these for customers in Houston, all of whom raved about them. The sauce is outstanding, with a tart bite and not the sickeningly sweet or liquid smoke junk so many places make. This is a One of A Kind Texas treasure! I give it 5 stars for best BBQ sandwich!

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            Born and raised Lubbockite who's been going to T&B off and on since my junior high days at nearby J. T. Hutchinson back in the late 70s/early 80s. Funnily enough, the only thing I've eaten there is the famous Bingo Burger. They're really delicious, but it takes about 15 dollars worth to fill me up! Been a long time since I've been to T&B, though. May have to drop in today for lunch.

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              I went to JT Hutchinson in the early '70s. Tom & Bingo's RULES!!! You're right about how much money it takes to fill you up, though. lol! But it is worth it. I think Bingo burgers cost about 25 cents waaay back in the day. We go back every chance we get, even from when we lived in CA. The ONLY thing I miss about Lubbock.