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Headcheese and Chopped Liver!

Two unpopular deli products among many, I realize, but I love both. Do any of you Chowhounds have some good recommendations as to where I might obtain quality versions of both these items?

Who makes Toronto's best headcheese? Who makes Toronto's best chopped liver?

Thanks very much for any guidance offered.

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  1. Bagel House (locations on Avenue Rd. and Bayview Ave.) carries Solly's chopped liver from Montreal, which I really like. Some people might disagree since one of the ingredients is, I believe, honey, which makes it slightly sweet.

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      I can't believe someone else likes headcheese! We should start a club.

      I buy mine at La Rose Deli on La Rose Avenue off Royal York Rd, one block north of Eglinton Avenue West.

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        Nortown has a really good chopped liver. They add hard boiled eggs to it which I love.

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          You'd be surprised how many people here like headcheese. Best headcheese I've had in Toronto is Hungarian. It’s available at the blue danube house:


          Brandt and Bona Foods make good stuff too.

          A great past thread on headcheese can be found here:


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            Blue Danube for sure. They'll have 2 or 3 kinds: hot paprika; sweet paprika and plain.

            If you like chopped liver try their liverwurst - smoked or plain.

            If you're in the northeast area you'll also find genuine headcheese at The Honey Bear on Sheppard Ave. E. near Willowdale mentioned in mikeb's reference:


      2. Try Brandt Meats Factory Store in Mississauga. Headcheese and other disgusting wurst along with hyper-fresh meats and sausage. Seriously, though, friends who love the stuff swear by Brandt.

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            Here is the address and hours

            Brandt Meats
            1878 Mattawa Ave, Mississauga, ON L4X, CA

        1. For chopped liver, Nortown and Centre St Deli.

          1. Thanks for the address for Brandt's> have to visit soon because I buy their products at Delis anyway so might as well go to the source.

            Thanks also for the web site for Regina's. I see they have wine marinated herring. Do you know if they make it on site or do they just sell it imported in jars? I suddenly have a craving for herring tonight.

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              For herring and other smoked/cured fish, try North Fish just off Kipling, south of the Dundas overpass.

            2. Milbree-Viking on Laird Drive.

              1. Ever since I saw Carl Scutz (Rick Moranis) on SCTV describe headcheese more or less as
                then we sweep up the floor and scape the table and take the parts under the tail and the nose and grind it up -that's your headcheese. Revoltin', isn't it?, but boy does it sell!" I have found myself strangely unable to enjoy it.

                Chopped liver is different. I had some at Centre Street Deli in Thornhill that I enjoyed, but I'll confess my knowledge of Toronto's offerings is pretty weak.

                1. WOW! Thank you very much for all the wonderful suggestions. You guys are awesome!

                  1. I just had the chopped liver from Bagel House on Yonge and St Clair (1438 Yonge St) - and it's very good. Slightly sweet, it is true, but excellent.

                    1. I'm right up there with 'millygirl' and 'embee
                      '...........NORTOWN forever!
                      I love the chopped liver with egg....not sure if they make a 'plain one' anymore...they did at one time but since I only buy the one with chopped egg that's all I am aware of right now.