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Nov 23, 2008 11:27 AM

Low fat tamale

I know from other threads there are a few good places to get tamales in Austin. However, are there any places in Austin to get Low or no fat and low or no cholesterol tamales that still taste good?

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  1. I know that they don't use lard here and they taste fresh and healthy, they are a different style, but delish and unfortunately not in Austin anymore, but they might be at farmers markets, I think I heard. I miss them :( she also makes incredible chicken posole.

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    1. re: familyof3

      Tamaleo is a regular at the Downtown Saturday Farmer's Market.

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        Family of # is right. Oaxacan Tamaleo makes delicious tamale's that are likely the most healthy version you could find.

      2. There really is no such thing as a good low-fat or fat-free tamale. It's an oxymoron. As for cholesterol, I guess it would be possible to make them with veggie shortening, but I don't know any place that does.

        1. You might try Mr. Natural, the vegetarian place at 1901 E. Cesar Chavez. They make a veggie tamale, as well as bean, and corn, I think.

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            Casa de Luz might have something as well.

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              [shudder!] I totally agree with sqwertz on this one--the best tamales I've ever had were made using bacon grease, not lard, which made them taste way better.

              Frankly, I would simply blow off this idea, and simply opt for something like Vietnamese spring rolls or something similar--it still tastes good, its rolled up, low fat, and most of all, nobody will be dissapointed.

              1. re: taliesin15

                When someone is facing a health issue like diabetes, celiac or heart disease, they will likely compromise some of the flavor for a healthier option.

                I can relate and would never make someone who is looking for another option, feel bad for doing so.

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                  That's funny, because some of the worst tamales I've had were made with bacon grease instead of lard! They were terrible.

                  I think the type of fat used is secondary to the skill and talent of the tamale maker, but it hard to imagine a tasty fat-free or low-fat tamale because the fat is so intrinsic to what the tamale is.

            2. I was at Whole Foods yesterday, and I noticed they have sweet corn tamales in their prepared food section, by the packaged salads. I don't think they had any animal fat in them at all.

              I've also seen White Mountain Foods brand tamales in the natural foods section of HEB (S. Congress and Oltorf location). I haven't tried them, but I want to soon. (

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