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Nov 23, 2008 11:09 AM

tamale lady in the east village

Yesterday at about 2 or 3PM I saw a tamale lady on 2nd avenue between 11th and 12th, in front of Cacio e Pepe. She said that she's in the neighborhood on Saturdays and Wednesdays. She had a very makeshift little cart with bags hanging from it and a cooler. I bought a few at a dollar a pop (cheese, chicken, and what she called "spicy chicken"). I steamed one, which turned out to be the spicy chicken, which was very good - homemade, earthy, not too much meat, but very tasty.

Has anyone else seen her in the east village?

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  1. I've never seen her but I'm going to keep an eye out. This is very exciting news for the neighborhood.

      1. She delivers to the deli workers at 6th and Broome in SoHo in the mornings at unpredictable times.
        I always get excited when I see her and I stock up, but the tamales don't age well. It's best to eat them asap.

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        1. re: il Trifulau

          "Don't age well" as in go bad, or aren't at their best? (I have 3 in the fridge, one day old).

          She was talking to one of the guys working at Cacio e Pepe, if that helps to track her down. and as I said, she said she's around the east village on saturday and wednesday.

          1. re: hungrycomposer

            I have steamed them when they are one day old and they are fine!!!

            1. re: marlie202

              Do you know if she has a vegetarian friendly tamale? (cheese okay) thanks.

              1. re: boazh

                FYI -- a lot of tamales have lard in the masa (corn dough).

                  1. re: boazh

                    yes-cheese with red pepper and veggies

                1. re: il Trifulau

                  Freeze it, thaw and steam when you want to eat. It will keep very well.

                2. Any idea what time of day on Wednesdays? Thanks.

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                  1. I have''t seen the lady who makes tamales lately--has anyone seen her???
                    I am having a craving---

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                    1. re: marlie202

                      Oh, I've seen her. Saturday Mornings, around 9 a.m. in front of the Fine Fare at 4th and C.

                        1. re: cheesemongeratlarge

                          Woh! That's the best news all day (and definitely the only good news EVER involving that Fine Fare). Thanks cheesemonger!

                        2. re: marlie202

                          She was at the corner of East 11th and First Ave (right by westville) on Saturday at 1:20 pm, a guy told me that she is usually there at that time on Saturdays. Last weekend I ate a few cheese ones--I'm no tamale expert but these tasted delicious to me. I also saw her on Monday with her cart in the late afternoon on Ave A and probably E. 5th street but she said she had no tamales and would be back on Wednesday, just like the OP said...

                          1. re: bolletje

                            If you happen to be near your computer when you see her, please post it! I saw her on second avenue back in November and never saw her there again. Sounds like she works the Avenues further east.
                            If anyone sees her... please post! I'd kill for a good homemade tamale!

                            1. re: hungrycomposer

                              I saw her several weeks ago on Saturday about 11 am selling tamales to some of the staff at Momofuku.

                              1. re: KTinNYC

                                Which Momofuku? On 1st Avenue or 2nd Avenue? Tamales for Saturday breakfast... sounds good.