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Nov 23, 2008 10:19 AM

Need a place to get drinks w/ ex-girlfriend. TONIGHT.

Should be more "classy" than "divey." Aside from that, it just has to be within about a half hour drive from Sherman Oaks.

Please help. :)

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  1. Go to Max in sherman oaks on Ventura at Dixie Canyon, and there is a small bar in the back where you can sit for a long time and largely be by yourselves if you want, yet you could also mingle with others if things were not going too well.
    Get an appetizer or whatever food made sense - and show her that you knew where to eat, whether or not she realized it. Food is really good.

    1. Pinot Bistro has a nice bar, as does Bistro Gardens.

      1. Max it was. The night was a success, and that place was great.

        Carter, you rock. Thanks!!