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Nov 23, 2008 09:54 AM

Oran Cafe Reopens

Oran Cafe/Morrocan cuisine, previously mentioned here has reopened and we stopped in yesterday for lunch. For the public transportation folks, it seems about midway between Maverick and Airport. We walked through Maverick ; made a few pit stops and it was about a 25 min walk.

I would describe the decor as, few tables, not much decoration. I was happy to see the place was immaculate..given it's recent problems. Staff (owner) was very friendly and we started with a pot of green tea w/mint, nice start.

No printed menu but yesterday they offered a chicken dish, a cous cous/ lamb/assorted vegetables and a beef/prune dish. We shared the second two and both were excellent. We were among the few customers and the owner ran out to buy a few ingredients; but unfortunately couldn't find habaneros..:) but the spicing was subtle and delicious. Started with a very fresh salad with an unusual and tast ydressing...which I assume is Moroccan..:)

Another customer who appeared to be a regular was reading MC's review from the Phoenix.

My first taste of Morrocan food; but won't be my last. As others have said, this is a true discovery...ala Angela's and what I like about the lovers sharing unique finds.

1 word of caution. When they run out of food, they're you might want tocall first..567 1900

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  1. Walking from the T: Oran is definitely closer to Airport T stop (7 minutes) then Maverick (less then 20). From Airport T: If you're coming from Boston, cross over the tracks after you get off the train. (You can cross over either before or after you go through the fare/exit gates.) Go out those doors, straight through the park (one minute), cross the street (Bremen) that runs alongside the park, and keep on going a few more short blocks. (You're on Brooks, as if you were heading towards Angela's) Take a left on Bennington, and they're on the next corner (across from Kelly's). It's very quick!

    1. We went a few weeks ago and had an excellent meal. The decor harks back to the 1950s, but oddly, it enhances the feeling of sitting in someone's home -- which is exactly how the food tastes, homecooked with care. We had the chicken couscous -- light as air couscous and really flavorful chicken that tasted very much like chicken (no dry cardboard industrial chicken here), definitely enough to share between two or more people. It reminded me of a couscous I once had at an outdoor eatery in a small village in Morocco's Atlas mountains. We also had the kibbeh with a tomato/bell pepper sauce -- the meat was a little dry for my taste, but my DC couldn't put them down. Finally, we also ordered a lamb stew with vegetables, very rich and hearty. Overall, with mint tea, the meal for three came out to about $15/head including tip.

      Some artwork on the walls and maybe even some beautiful Moroccan pottery would change the ambience quite a bit for the better. But if you're going just for the food, you can't go wrong.

      1. Any idea whether they would accommodate a vegetarian here?

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          Yes, Hanan said she could certainly make couscous with veggies - She may have a few other ideas as well if you call - (617) 567-1900 - I'd suggest calling ahead in any case, as that'll give Hanan and her Mom a chance to make sure they have something delicious ready for you.