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Nov 23, 2008 08:59 AM

Paka Paka Restaurant, North York?


I've been designated to find someplace to eat tonight while my family is up in the York University region, and came across a restaurant called Paka Paka Restaurant. I can't find any reviews on the internet, has anyone been there or know anything about it? Or even any recommendations for places that aren't asian or indian inspired in the north york/vaughan area?


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  1. Paka Paka is pretty good. They have good meat skewers, israeli salad and hummous. I've never been there for dinner but lunch time is always busy with work area folk.

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      I'm ordinarily reluctant to post on a place I haven't been to, but since you need an answer by tonight, I can tell you what I know about Paka Paka second-hand.

      A group of about a dozen friends got together late last month for dinner at Paka Paka - I couldn't make it - but the reports I got were that it's a superior spot, a cut or two above most of the Mediterranean joints in the neighborhood. Your standard-issue Middle East menu done with more flair, more choices and attention to detail. The friend who discovered the place, and recommended it to the others for the get-together, says it's especially good on fish dishes - and he should know because he was in the wholesale fish business, selling mainly to restaurants. Slightly higher in price than other, similar places in Toronto's northwest, he says, but well worth it. Paka Paka is in a small Steeles Ave. W. plaza west of Dufferin. It has a website, with menu and prices listed, so you can see if you're comfortable with the price level.

      I intend to get there eventually, being a sucker for how Middle Eastern restos do rainbow trout. If you want to go somewhat cheaper, however, you'll have to drive farther east along Steeles to the justly popular Me-Vah-Me, in a plaza on the northwest corner of Steeles and Bathurst. It has pretty much the same menu as Paka Paka, but is invariably busy on Sunday nights - which means a wait for seating.

      If you get to Paka Paka, I'd be intrigued to learn what you thought.

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        I finally tried this place over the weekend. Excellent. Sampled a smorgasbord of items. All of it was good to fantastic. Really good service too, and a nice space. Look forward to returning.