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Nov 23, 2008 08:27 AM

Hot Plates...Any Good Ones Out There?

Our new NYC apartment rental has a pretty small will be impossible to fit four pans on there...let alone a couple of All-Clads and a Le Creuset.

We're thinking about a two-burner hot plate to help us out.

Any ideas??


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  1. Well, what kind of price range are you looking for?

    Due to the fact it is a rental, is there any other stipulations?

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    1. re: RShea78

      No stipulations...we'd like flat, rectangular, two electric burners...we're thinking in the $150-$200 range??

      1. re: DBrooks

        BroilKing Professional (recommended by my catering friend)

        Choice-1) 1000 watts Large / 650 watts Small cast iron burner (CIB) runs around $200 web priced, but call for any deals or visit a local restaurant supply store. However 1650 watts may tax an outlet/fuse/electrical.

        Choice 2) 2 individual 1500 watt CIB will give you more power per burner and can be taken to another outlet, if need be. You can also get one at a time this way. (now/later add or see if 2 qualifies for a discount)

        Coil type commercial do hold up far better than home units, but both would be latter choices. Coil units have the inherent issues of pan rocking. Simply put, not as stable as the sealed CIB.

        Link is to the manufactures home page.

        1. re: RShea78

          Thanks so much! That helps out--good idea on choice 2... Will let you know what we decide upon.