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Nov 23, 2008 08:03 AM

Houston - Supermarket bacon recs?

Running over to Houston for Thanksgiving and bored with my local bacons. Any recs for some good cured pig that I'd find "only" at Central Marekt, Randall's, etc.?


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  1. I don't know what Texas based brands make it over to Baton Rouge (?) but Burton and Blue Ribbon are widely distributed supermarket brands here. At CM you might look for Chappel Hill; their sausages are very good and everywhere but their bacon is harder to find but also very good. Another one is Holmes Smokehouse, but I'm not positive they do bacon. Those are both from near Houston. From Central Texas you will find Meyer's and Southside Market products at CM but I'm also not sure they do bacon. Another one from CT is Eddy's and I know they do bacon but I really can't remember what I thought of it (not too good a recommendation I guess).

    None of these are going to be 'only' at CM or Randalls but they're not as commonly found as Blue Ribbon or the big national brands.

    If you want to get beyond supermarket brands try Pete's Fine Meats on Richmond.

    1. Hi Leo, not sure how far you are from The Woodlands, but there is a new market in called Hubell and Hudson that has a good deli and specialty meat section. Last trip I went I saw some nice slab bacon and it looked of very high quality. I made a mental note to get that next time I make a stew or pasta carbonara. You can find the website through Google. Good luck!