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Nov 23, 2008 07:16 AM

Any place in Toronto serve X-Mas dinner on Dec 24 and/or Dec 25th?

I've tried Fran's in past years and it was quite good. Last year I was desperate for something closer and for various reasons, couldn't eat in so got take-out from Golden Griddle (the one on Redpath). It was horrific---frozen turkey----shudder.... This year I'll be heading back to Fran's on College to eat in unless there are any other ideas/recommendations?

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  1. Most of the better hotels do Xmas dinners, although they can be spendy. I've seen listings for dinners on the 24th and 25th at The Royal York and the Four Seasons.

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      Also the King Edward. They have Christmas eve buffet @$59, Christmas day brunch @$59 (also a buffet, I believe, but the brochure isn't clear), and Christmas dinner @99 (a traditional 4 course dinner). I've had their buffets at other times of year and the quality & variety are very good. The Christmas dinner is likely the in-restaurant version of the take-home I get from them and it's very good as well. The turkey is always moist and flavourful. Stuffing is different each time but I've liked it each time. Nice soups, veggies, gravy, desserts etc. Potatoes are usually roasted or fingerling, not mashed. (a warning for purists -- I know some people whose holiday is spoiled if it's not exactly what they expect) but again always very good. At thanksgiving it was a fingerling potato hash with onions and bacon. Decadently good. Desserts at thanksgiving were pumpkin pie and apple crumble. The crumble was too sweet for my taste but the pie was very nice, although (another warning for purists) it was a tart crust like what Queen of Tarts does, not a pie crust. All in all, though, as a place to go out for Christmas meals, I don't think you can go wrong with the Kind Eddy.

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        Most Hotels have offers as 'idnas' has suggested above...depending on how much you care to spend, also fairly traditional places like The Old Mill.
        If you want cheap/reasonable/down home ...Fran's, Mars. The Tulip and several 'neighbourhood' places wherever in town you live I would call them or drop in and ask if they plan on doing a 'Christmas Special'. We , as a small family without relatives(years ago)basically had our Christmas dinner at Fran's (the now gone one at St.Clair & Yonge). My kids still remember it well!

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          Thanks, I'll give Mars a call--it is closer to me than Frans. The hotels sound very tasty but since my party includes a 6 month old baby (I should have mentioned that in my post above--sorry), I'm thinking maybe more casual is the way to go at this stage. I've called pubs in past years and they're all closed on the 24th and 25th (unlike Thanksgiving when there are a ton of choices). When you refer to the Tulip, do you mean the steakhouse on Queen E?

          It would be so great if that Frans at Y & St. C. was still there. Oh well.

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            Yes, I do mean the 'steakhouse' (The Tulip) That place was first and foremost a 'neighbourhood restaurant' became really well known as the place to go for a good affordable steak place, however they did and still do make really good homestyle dinners ie: liver & onions, meatloaf, pork chops, hamburger steak etc. in the 'diner style'.. I am almost certain they will have a Christmas Special. All of that said, yes, the Mars/College Street Fran's would be fine..not as bright and as reliable as they once were but if you don't have a car or it's really awful driving weather ... Honestly I think The Tulip would be a better choice over both places. I do agree about the St.Clair Fran's, I'm often near there and crave a simple grilled cheese & milkshake, not as easy to find in that area anymore....oh well, is so right!!!

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              Since I live near Yonge & Eglinton, it's a bit of a drive but if the weather is good (and don't we always get green Christmases these days!) I'll give them a call to see what they have.

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              I wouldn't necessarily discount the hotels just because you'll have a tot in tow. I can tell you from personal experience that the Studio Cafe at the Four Seasons is fantastic with kids - in fact, we were there last Christmas Eve with a pair of babes not much older than yours. They have high chairs and lots of patience and understanding for wee ones. For older kids, they even have Thomas the Train plates, cutlery and crayons - not to mention some great open space to run off a bit of steam just outside the resto. And a kids menu. Great bathrooms too.

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                Really? Thanks for the info. Maybe they aren't out of the question after all...

      2. If you want to go north of the city...... In Aurora - very cool restaurant will be serving X-mas dinner among regular menu items

        1. You're not dining on your own, are you? It kinda sounds like it.

          The restaurant in the Delta Chelsea at Yonge & Gerrard has a buffet dinner on Christms Eve and Chrismas Day for $40pp. And a brunch buffet as well. They've also got a four-course table d'hote dinner menu on Christmas Day for $50pp.

          1. Lots of Chinese restaurants open. Thats where we usually have our Christmas dinners.

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              Yeah, I was kind of looking for the traditional turkey/mashed potatoes thing. Something about the season that just demands it for me.